Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Microsoft is done with half of the patents of Android and Chrome

Microsoft has announced an agreement with the company Compal, manufacturer with many patents relating to Android and Chrome . Thanks to this agreement and others with other companies, the Redmond giant has patents on more than 50% of Android devices on the market. With the acquisition of these patents, Microsoft said many of the receipts 'royalty' of devices using Android and Chrome.

The patent war between companies is ticking and every day presents a new episode. There are wars between companies, as the case of Apple and Samsung , and general movements, such as Motorola's acquisition by Google , which is the acquisition of thousands of patents. In this war, one of the most powerful agents is Microsoft, which strengthens its patent portfolio with a major acquisition.

The company announced in a statement an agreement with Compal . This is a Taiwanese company that has a very large volume of patents and technology systems used by a large number of tablets and smartphones . Specifically, Microsoft has explained that Compal patents are used in a wide range of mobile devices that use Android platform or Chrome.

With the agreement, of which more details were not disclosed, Microsoft added to its patent portfolio of Compal. The Microsoft acquisition adds to the already well-known companies such as Quanta and Wistron , which together make patents the company has approximately 50% of the parts and software that use the terminals with Android.

"We are pleased to have reached this agreement with Compal. Along with the license agreements signed in recent months with Wistron and Quanta Computer, Compal agreement today means more than half of the ODM industry and Chrome Android devices is under licensing of Microsoft's patent portfolio " , explained the vice president and deputy general counsel of Intellectual Property Group at Microsoft, Horacio Gutierrez.

With this acquisition, Microsoft will receive some of the revenue from the sale of half of all Android models. Because it is the fastest growing system, the operation is an important revenue source for the Redmond company, which seemed to stomp on the ground of smartphones and tablets .

Only a month ago, South Korea's Samsung also signed a licensing agreement with Microsoft that requires him to pay an amount, which has not been disclosed, for every Android device sold , either smartphones or tablets.

Since Microsoft have been happy with the situation and control over patents related to Android devices and the ecosystem Chrome. "We are proud of the success of our licensing program and the resolution of intellectual property issues related to Android and Chrome," he assured Gutierrez.


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