Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Facebook: "In the future, all brands will be social"

Every day, 100 million users of Facebook around the world become "fans" of a page in this network, a figure that has doubled over the last year, this week the company's commercial director in Spain, Irene Cano, in a conference.

Cano said that social networks and the official pages of the companies in Facebook are changing the world of marketing .

"Businesses will be more efficient with a wired world , social networks connect people with what interests them, "he said. "In the future, all brands will be social," predicted Cano.

Specifically, he said, consumers recall up to 68% more ads with social content. Cano cited the examples of Zara , the Real Madrid and FC Barcelona , with 10, 20 and 21 million "fans" on their Facebook pages. He also spoke of Telefónica, which called on its followers on the social network to name a price and got 24,000 responses in less than three days.

The marketing has been for companies to set up a bowling machine to be a "pinball" said Cano, "I sent the message to the community, it bounces and then was part of the conversation . "

On Facebook, which recently reached 800 million active users , its members spend "more than 700 billion minutes a month to share information," said Cano.


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