Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Congress will spend 600 million euros and 350 mobile Internet connections

The Congress has tendered his service telecommunications for the year 2012 . This service is currently held by Telefónica.

The offer is 1.07 billion euros for 600 phones, 400 of them will be " smartphone with the latest technology, iPhone or similar type. "

Contestants must provide a flat rate for mobile up to 600 lines , but is divided into three categories: basic, which allows local calls, basic + data, adding international calling and data access, and VIP fee, "without restrictions ".

The operator will also have to install awarded 350 ADSL lines in the private homes of Members.

The specification makes clear that will co-pay lines , where Congress will only pay the ADSL service and every member shall pay the cost of telephone line carrying the ADSL households.

The Congress received the October 17 endorsement of the Department of Information for Members receive these tablets. According to parliamentary sources have reported, these reports have been analyzed by the Bureau and the Provincial Standing Committee, which exercises the functions of the Bureau of Congress in the period interlegislaturas.

This body has not yet made ​​a final decision on the proposal they have made ​​the computer, but it will in the coming weeks, given that the kit should leave approved technology which will have the members of the Legislature to X can receive nothing more take possession of its records.

In the recently completed term, the deputies have had a laptop, a next-generation mobile phone (iPhone or Blackberry) and an ADSL line at home , in addition to desktop computer in his office in the House and another in his seat in the Chamber.

Their Lordships can keep free of mobile made ​​available to Congress and the modem to connect to the Internet that are delivered to their homes.


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