Saturday, October 29, 2011

The first supermarket where you can buy virtually

A supermarket chain in South Korea has opened what is the world's first virtual store and purchase it through a conventional smartphone and a special application. The smart phone users simply scan the bar codes of products because the products are not physically on the shelves, as are photographs. The supermarket is called Homeplus (Tesco) and is the second string of the Asian country and offers 500 items, ready to be purchased in its new "store" that is located in the station located in Seoul Seolleung. After scanning products, a home delivery service is giving the compardor in 24 hours.

"You place an order when you go to work in the morning and can see the items delivered at home when you come home at night," said a spokeswoman for Homeplus.

In fact, consumers don’t have to be anywhere near the virtual store. For example, if you want to order replacements of a bottle of water that you have in your hand, you don’t have to stop by the subway station. You simply scan the bottle’s barcode with the Homeplus app. The products are delivered later to home or office.

Currently, only Android smartphone users will be able to use the service that launched last week. Not that Homeplus hasn’t made an app iPhone, it’s just Steve Jobs and Co. hasn’t approved it yet.


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