Saturday, October 29, 2011

The kitchen of the future will be like a laptop

This cooking time is just a concept by designer Trenchevski Dragan, who has designed what would be a future Electrolux kitchen. Would have an induction cooker with four power levels, cutting board all kinds of food, and a grater and a touch screen to scroll through the recipe while cooking. If we look at the dirt that is able to accumulate the screen of any laptop, I do not even think about the amount of fat and dirt should be removed from the screen after using the kitchen. This kitchen would also be portable, so you go camping and not be the same, we would not be loaded with gas bottles to cook or worry about getting burned with fire. Also have wireless connectivity, both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and made ​​a touch of modernity, its author has placed a webcam, speakers and microphone, so that the cook can be entertained by video conference with friends while you are cooking. It could connect to the Internet to download recipes and to check the nutritional information and food and stay healthy. do not think this gets to come true some day, but if he ever hits stores cost much money. Although it has many features, is a product I do not think Electrolux is willing to trade in many, many years.


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