Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Apple vs Samsung: a war that lasts for months and appears to have no short term end

The tech giants Apple and Samsung are engaged in a long patent dispute which has as background an attempt to dominate the profitable market 'smartphone' , and makes clear that South Korea is currently the only one able to shadow the mark the block.

The legal battle between the two tech giants began in April , when Apple sued Samsung for copying the design and some of the features of their iPhone and iPad in the Galaxy series, which so far has resulted in the temporary suspension of sales South Korean products in Germany and Australia. The fact that Apple can focus on its claims against Samsung and other competitors that manufacture equipment very similar to the pioneering iPhone and iPad is an indication that the South Korean multinational is your biggest rival in the sector.

Samsung's fear that Holland was quick to introduce their software modifications smartphones to avoid a suspension , is that Apple's legal victories to spoil your holiday season. The South Korean group responded to reports of Apple with similar claims in a judicial war in which there are still pending discussion in Europe, USA and Japan, its main markets, making it vital for both companies to impose their legal arguments or to reach an agreement .

The clash between the two leading manufacturers of mobile and tablet seems to have no end in sight , more so since that Samsung decided to step up from last month its counterattacks against Apple. Now, South Korea wants to suspend sales of the phones from Apple to use its data transmission technologies of third generation.

Samsung's strong point in this struggle is its portfolio of hardware patents , which make his Galaxy SII possesses more in thickness, weight, memory to most of its competitors, while the iPhone has made ​​millions of fans and also for its software its design.

Court in this war so far Apple has an advantage, while their different versions of the iPhone, a pioneer in using touch screen, a single menu button and web applications, have emerged as one of the great successes of the history of consumer electronics. Even the relatively few developments in the iPhone 4S , received in markets with positive signs for the competition, have not stopped this device unveiled earlier this month has sold over four million units in just three days.

These numbers do know some 20 million units of the Galaxy SII in six months, although the fact, added to the sales of Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab , Samsung has become the second largest manufacturer of mobile and tablets. Samsung Electronics, which is also the second largest manufacturer of mobile phones has exceeded the most profitable niche of "smartphones" to Nokia, in the doldrums for his delay in responding to the technological race that dominates the industry.

Despite the legal setbacks (the latter in the Netherlands rejected the demand for Samsung against Apple for using its 3G communication technology), South Korea is in good health and looks forward to eating market share the company shaped by the late Steve Jobs . Furthermore, the good reception of Galaxy range, better than other competitors like HTC and LG, Samsung lets wait for an operating profit for the third quarter above analysts' expectations, with sales increasing almost 2 percent.

Although Samsung has not wanted to advance the reasons for these forecasts, it seems that smartphones and tablets are behind the maintenance of profit despite the economic crisis, especially its profit margin. Given the juicy business prospects, the big electronics companies want to redirect their production and innovation and development departments into new equipment to replace laptops.

But despite this, it appears that the patent wars, those ideas that are paid big numbers and big contracts are signed, has not begun.


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