Sunday, November 27, 2011

Youtube features a tool to edit videos on the web

Youtube has launched a tool to edit videos online , which will modify the audiovisual pieces without using a specific program or to upload them to the network.

Thus, the videos are online and may be modified without losing their ID (user identification), the comments users have left no links to related content, reports the Google-owned site in its official blog .

This new tool allows editing to shorten the length of the videos, rotate , reduce vibration of the image, adjust brightness , the contrast and saturation , and applying filters and effects of color and black and white.

Before saving the changes, the user can preview and finally deciding whether to modify the video, an action that has no impact on the number of visitors who have already had before being released.

The only videos that can not be modified are those who have displayed a thousand times and those with a claim of vindication of content, although in these cases can be edited to create a new file.

Born an iceberg the size of New York in Antarctica

NASA scientists discovered a crack in a glacier in Antarctica that continues to widen and should result in the coming months an iceberg of an area equivalent to that of New York , said Thursday the American space agency.

This crack in the glacier of Pine Island in the western part of Antarctica is at least 30 kilometers and 50 meters deep. The fracture, which widens the rate of two meters per day, will produce an iceberg about 880 km2 , as estimated by glaciologists, which emphasize that this phenomenon is not due to global warming, but a  natural cycle .

The iceberg should be fully formed in early 2012.

These icebergs are formed periodically in Antarctica. The last of which no record had been broken off from Pine Island Glacier in 2001 and scientists hope that the phenomenon reproduces rapidly.

The last crack was first detected in late September by researchers from NASA, which monitor changes in Antarctic ice by plane regular observations.

These aerial surveys are intended to fill the information gap between the end of the satellite operation ICESAT (Ice, Cloud and land Elevation Satellite) in 2009 and the launch of its successor ICESAT 2 in 2016.

A programmer calls to his girlfriend via Google Maps

A warm meal, a romantic stroll, an unexpected journey ... Many plans can be used to propose marriage. But an engineer at Google has decided to dispense platitudes and testing services, Google Maps , calling to his girlfriend on the phone in hand.

A developer of Google , Ari Gilder , decided to use his skills as a programmer to create a game in which his girlfriend, Faigy, was the protagonist. He created a special map with a target named The big question.

On his way to New York, Faigy must visit places around the city that evoke romantic moments experienced by the couple. Gilder coordinated with a coworker Faigy a plan by which he must give the girl a Nexus One integrated camera and a special version of Google Maps.

The phone had a custom application that he developed along with two of his companions in Google. The application allowed Faigy check in every place, asking for a password in order to find the next location. The six friends must ask a question Faigy, linked to memories of that particular place. Each answer served and door password the next challenge.

"My plan was to build a map of the route and take my girlfriend from one destination to another, all with the element of surprise , "says Gilder. "Google Maps gave me the tools I needed to run the magic."

The engineer planned the route from a food store Trader Joe's chain to the Magnolia Bakery, where he had his first date of the couple. The map also led to a Hudson Restaurant and Carnegie Hall concert hall, where his girlfriend surprised him with tickets for a concert of Beethoven. Seven stops in total up to a lighthouse on Roosevelt Island, where they were on their second date.

Every time Faigy reached one of these destinations, a friend of her boyfriend was waiting. The duty of each one of them was to give a rose to the girl and made ​​sure that check-in at the stop. "Meanwhile, I was eagerly awaiting its arrival on the island," said the romantic geek.

When he reached the end of the tour, the seventh and last place also kept a question which could only make her boyfriend. "I'll let you guess what the answer was," said the lover to leave a glimpse of the "I do" in a Google blog , addressing the readers of this romantic story. Or is that perhaps someone could have resisted?

Home for iPad

A second-hand laptop that cost 500 yuan (about $ 80, or 60 euros) and manual ability were enough to Xinlong Wei, a college student in northern China, to build a home iPad as a gift for his girlfriend, tells the press China.

According to the newspaper  China Daily , which shows images of the iPad craftsman with the happy couple, Wei spent ten days in building this replica, which can display text, movies, or download files. It has used Windows and an external keyboard, it does not include touchpad. Windows has a version that offers tablet touchscreen capabilities (but not multitouch like the iPhone), but the student has not included the virtual keyboard which already includes the operating system.

Wei did not forget to decorate your  tablet (much thicker and without the stylish finish of the original iPhone the edges) with the apple of Steve Jobs's signature as an image on the screen. Yes it also has USB, monitor and even broadband connection.

The boy and his girlfriend, Sun Shasha, study at Northeastern University in Changchun City, near the border with North Korea, and both belong to humble farm families. Wei acknowledged that he had enough money to buy his girlfriend a computer, which was documented on the internet with videos that showed how to get one, and decided to implement them.

"It's the best gift I ever had, I will keep forever," Sun said his girlfriend, who has also contributed his personal touch to the iPad home, decorating with fake gemstones jewelry.

Tim O'Reilly: "Web 2.0 concept is obsolete"

Internet expert and publisher Tim O'Reilly believes that the web 2.0 concept , which he coined to define a more dynamic and participative web has become aged and obsolete to explain a technological reality imposed on the mobility and computing in the cloud .

"I think the idea is obsolete. That expression was typical of other times which tried to promote the idea of the website, the failures of the dot-com era, and I think it was a success and has created much excitement, but unfortunately has aged, "O'Reilly has argued in an interview with Efe on his participation in the fifth edition of the International Forum on Digital Content .

Assertive and confident that internet is an "engine of freedom and power to users , "the expert has made ​​a plea for an open and free network monopolies and controls. In this line has argued that the creation of online content has to add value to the ecosystem and not only seek economic benefit , and has criticized companies attack endanger the network because they see their business model and who want to take "a large piece of cake. "

The Internet of Things

They say the next decade will be the decade of the Internet of Things, the era in which everyday devices, such as refrigerator or thermostat, eventually connected to the network.

A good foretaste of that future is Twine, a two MIT students seeking funding Kickstarter that Techcrunch has devoted an entry . Twine is a programmable sensor box designed for lovers of " do it yourself "people who want to experience and some hand to technology. The grace of the device is that it has a very simple software interface. No programming knowledge is needed to achieve, for example, to send an SMS to your phone when something happens.

Inside the twine, a magetómetro, accelerometers, temperature and humidity sensors and a port for attaching other sensors or analog controllers. When within five years his garage to send you a message saying that there is a leak in part be thanks to ideas like this.

Need for Speed: The Run

From coast to coast. Fast, very fast, which is life in it. Squeeze the police , arrest us without remedy, the mob always in the mirror , ready to turn the race in 'walk' (read the quotes), and also must be the first , best of all. All fast, very fast, without restraint or break.

And is that the work builds up in 'Need for Speed: The Run', the issue number 18 th in the series of cars more 'underground' of consoles. A title in which the goal is to cross aboard the cars more powerful United States, from San Francisco to New York in an illegal race whose victory will enable us to pay off bills and save their lives.

Without respite, or by car or on foot

There are 4,500 kilometers Cruise mode that recreates the star of the game, with nearly 300 real driving . But the data is the same paradox of the title. It is true that there is much to be done and the variety of scenarios and situations is remarkable. But the achieved sense of speed and intensity of each of the stages makes you think, once you take a breath after finishing that the miles pass without remedy and we could just take a look at the detailed routes, or at least more calmly enjoy what is before us.

It would be worthwhile because the environments flow smoothly through the implementation of the graphics engine 'Frostbite 2' as seen, for example, in " Battlefield 3 "and that applies for the first time a video game car. In this sense, 'The Run' is an overdose (almost, almost embarrassment) of adrenaline.

The narration of the story before each phase breaks the rhythm and even introduce some scenes where you have to 'drive' the protagonist in their flight, this time without a car . There will be more to follow a sequence of buttons, an eccentric and curious detail but it does not add too much when you already fully depressed accelerator pedal waiting for the next outing.

Barnes & Noble displays its first tablet

Barnes & Noble , the largest bookstore chain in the world, today introduced its new electronic society Nook Tablet, which sell for $ 249 and who seeks to compete in a market still dominated by the Apple iPad.

The tablet, which hit stores in the U.S. at the end of next week , will watch videos and listen to music without downloading the content, check email and read digital books.

"With 'Nook Tablet' we have created the best wireless device in the class of seven inches," he said in a press release the CEO of the popular chain of bookstores, William Lynch .

The device features a color touch screen-seven inches below the iPad 9.7- , dual-core processor and runs a special version of the operating system Android , Google's mobile devices.

"We have used the latest technology to offer consumers the largest online catalog of books and magazines, interactive color and high quality applications through our store NOOK," said Lynch.

The new Barnes & Noble tablet connects to free WiFi network operator AT & T has integrated microphone and 16 GB of memory, expandable with a card.

The appearance is similar to Nook reader Tablet Nook Color Barnes & Noble, which lowers the price from 249 to $ 199 , but performance is more like the Fire Kindle , Amazon introduced the device at the end of September.

Amazon tablet also offers a color touch screen of seven inches and works with the Android operating system, but has 3G connection and browser Silk Amazon .


Kindle Fire has access to the media library of Amazon, with 18 million movies, TV shows, songs, books, applications and games, while the Barnes & Noble offers content through agreements with video providers like Hulu or Netflix music streaming and Pandora .

The tablet of Barnes & Noble has a price above $ 50 Kindle Fire , and reaches the market almost at the same time as the Amazon, making it the 17th of November.

The price of both tablets away from the 500 dollars it costs cheaper version of Apple's iPad , so analysts believe that these devices can become fierce competitors for the tablet from the creator of the iPod.

Apple, with its 30 million tablets sold since it launched the iPhone in April 2010, is the undisputed leader in the tablet market, a sector in which companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Samsung and Motorola have managed to make just shade.

Is Nokia's last chance?

The technology giant is not always built mobile phones. At its inception 146 years ago, in the Russian Empire, Finland as a wood pulp mill that was used for papermaking. Around this industrial settlement began to build a community and years later came a company dedicated to the production of rubber ended up spending part of Nokia, using its brand marketing that ended up shoes.

In the 20's, the company responsible for making finished with a cable company and unified the three administrations of the consortium in one direction. The full incorporation of the technology sector would decades later when the electronics division was created in 1960.

To address the market Nokia smart phone is something that is costing you a headache comparable to European leaders as they try to remedy the problems of sovereign debt. The Finnish brand plays a large part of his future that was the first fruit of their alliance with Microsoft, the 'smartphone' Lumia. The model '800 'of this-the other end came last November 24 to Spain, the Lumia '710' will arrive in January 2012 - and although no specific figures, is not expected to be able to sustain the buzz created after the pull of its release, despite the heavy investment in advertising, if finally happens what happened in France or the UK. The figures are lower than expected by Nokia and it generated a crash last week in the stock of technological biorhythm. Helsinki index saw its shares tumble to losing 8.8% and in New York, more than 6%.

The appeal of this company is far from that of years ago at the age 'preiPhone', when it was one of the great oligarchs of the mobile market. The investor interest is minimal and, therefore, prepared a request to stop trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange by the low demand for their shares, which could occur in early 2012.

In total, the shares of Nokia accumulated a fall of over 40% since the beginning of the course and all this comes from the manifest inability to deal with Apple and Samsung. Already, analysts suggest that the tandem with Microsoft will not be able to scratch a large market share. According to Pacific Crest Securities consulting, sales in the fourth quarter of both models, including the Christmas season, could reach half a million devices in all countries where they are sold, a figure below the targets that accompanied the great commitment of the brand.

The signals, both in terms of market and in terms of share price, they offer a good balance on the management of CEO Stephen Elop, signed last year and half. The Canadian was for many the panacea to the ills that the company lived and was expected to be able to drive a difficult conversion to a sector, smart phones, which later landed and proposals with less pull than their Apple and Android rivals.

Microsoft is working on a PC Kinect

Logical, reasonable, and in some ways inevitable. The Kinect has been one of the most successful products of Microsoft in the last twelve months. His popularity did not come from the games with support for the device, but thanks to the huge number of projects involving laboratories, universities, and countless fans. Now, with Windows 8 on the horizon, and a streamlined interface for gestures, the fact that Microsoft has confirmed and he development of an "official" version of Kinect for PC, not as surprising as it should.

At the time it was a real novel. Just came open drivers for Kinect , Microsoft came to the crossroads, "remembering" the general public that support was only available on Xbox 360 . Rumors Warranty losses, charges of "hacking" of Kinecta, exchanging ammunition, missile flew ... and the end users to dictate the rules. At Kinect fare much better outside of the console in their environment. Enthusiasts and professionals alike continue to find ways to reuse the device, and even a year after its release, we have the feeling that the best is yet to come. It is a known technology, the developers have shown their limits, and taken to the extreme as far as possible.

Meanwhile, Redmond had no choice but to recognize the hard work people have done so far to the Kinecta, and during the week officially announced the development of a special version of Kinect for Windows based computers. According to the statements, some aspects have been optimized hardware and firmware modifications implemented to improve the response of the Kinect on your computer. At the same time, the official SDK is receiving updates that meet (in theory) with applications that developers have done. The new firmware will allow the Kinect detect objects located a short distance (50 cm) without loss of accuracy, in regard to the external appearance of Kinecta, will have a shorter USB cable to "improve performance" and include a "dongle" to avoid incompatibilities with other USB devices.

With Windows 8 just around the corner, we can not stop thinking about a possible compatibility between the PC Kinect interface and Metro. A strong interaction between the two could make the Kinect in a very attractive for connecting peripherals to the computer in the near future. Currently there seems to have a fixed date of release, but with the start of commercial software for Kinect in early 2012, this makes us think that her debut would not be so far. Another possibility is that the Kinect comes to televisions , an area that Redmond has begun to explore slowly.

Newspaper readership is the most widespread internet habit

The online newspapers have a high spread in Spain. In fact, reading newspapers in the network is the most widespread habit devices connected to internet . 55.7% of the population over 15 years access to the media. This activity is far above others that are also very popular, like listening to music (48.1%), access to social networks (41.6%), or viewing movies and series (41.4%). Are some data in the Annual Report of digital content in Spain , presented yesterday by the National Observatory of Telecommunications and Information Society (ONTSI) under the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Consumer Affairs.

Reference This comprehensive report on trends in the digital sector in Spain, presented yesterday at the International Forum on Digital Content (Ficod) held in Madrid, said that the turnover of online newspapers grew from 264.5 to 341,700,000 euros, representing a 29.2% increase between 2009 and 2010. 88% of that amount comes from an advertising medium.

The paper notes that one in five Spanish, 20.2%, write comments on those websites that allow you to enter an opinion. Internet users in Spain also consume more than 16 hours of online video per month, more than in the United States.

Overall, the digital content industry in 2010 moved to Spain a quantity of 9.125 million euros, which they depict an annual increase of 24.2%.

In the avalanche of data available in the report stresses that for the first time, digital music consumption in Spain for the first time than analog, and becomes 51.9%. One of the most promising modalities for the future, according to the document ONTSI is the music in the cloud-in-internet servers, which in the near future "may become the primary means of storage of music."

The study highlights an audiovisual data unexpected cessation of advertising in RTVE issue did not affect the total number of the television business, which was 2,335 million euros, only 0.9% less year to year . This means that advertising investment that did not reach the public broadcaster was distributed among the remaining television operators.

Among the least developed sectors in the digital realm is the e-book, which has only reached 6.3% of the population. The film and video activity moved 2.571 million euros.

The network that mocks the police threw the angry spray California

The network has memerizado the police sprayed pepper spray at a group of outraged Wall Street Occupy the group at the University of California last Friday, November 18. The video viralizar quickly and, as stated in the topic, the reactions were not long in coming.

This is Lieutenant John Pike , who now appears in some of the most famous paintings in art history and other popular culture icons are easily recognizable, an initiative undertaken by the Internet which aims failing the California police action . Thus, the challenged action of Lieutenant Pike can now be seen in  Le Dejeuner sur l'Herbe of Manet, the Guernica of Picasso or the La liberté Guidant Le Peuple of Eugene Delacroix, among other places like the legendary album cover The Beatles,  Abbey Road .

The online edition of the Washington Post has responded to the news, which stresses its "creative". Netizens have also opened a tumblr where they are hanging the latest adaptations.

Spotify wins and loses users of electronic music

A lime and sand to Spotify. Amid rumors begin soon on whether to offer video streaming, has announced a press conference on November 30 in which a contract notice unveil 'important' - the music service this week has exceeded 2 5 million users to pay .

Spotify is one of the major music services 'streaming' and one of the hopes of the industry, although not all industry players agree. Recently, the company ST Holdings announced that more than 200 electronic music labels representing the left Spotify and other similar services such as Simy , Rdio and Napster .

The distributor of independent labels issued a statement accusing the services of "cannibalizing the profits of traditional digital downloads." The determination of  STHoldings Ltd. may be a reaction to a  study by NPD Group and NARM  published a few weeks ago. Among other findings, this report concluded that  Spotify and similar models of access "harmful" for musicians, since it discourages the purchase of records. Proponents of these models, however, believe that encourage the consumption of music and, therefore, induce the purchase of music.

Spotify speaks of a misinterpretation of the data

The official position of Spotify NAMR, and also in charge of the study, is that such research has been misinterpreted by STHoldings Ltd.  In fact, the statement released by the distributor of electronic music in announcing his resignation from Spotify and other services has been removed from the site. In its place (although the URL has not changed), there is a message  announcing that the company is " working with companies to find solutions satisfactory streaming for artists and consumers . "

Spotify bet at first to offer a system with some free-advertising-to later opt for the payment model. For 7 euros for the first six months (exclusive offer for Spain) and 10 euros per month thereafter, users can access the entire Spotify catalog from any device, mobile computers, streaming and offline.

This system, announced in May, seems to have convinced the public. On 22 September, the company confirmed that they had managed to surpass the figure of 2 million paying users. Now, just two months later, another half a million customers have signed up for the paid service of music service streaming. Moreover, this figure comes shortly after the integration of Spotify on Facebook , which led to four million people-created non-payment or account within six weeks.

Electronic tablet cheapest in the world

The Indo-Canadian Suneet Singh Tuli is a sort of Indian version of Steve Jobs: his is the electronic tablet cheapest in the world, led by now-a-college students in India at a price of less $ 50.

Tuli chaired the British company Datawind , the winner of the tender opened by the Indian government to produce these tablets, with a product, Aakash Ubislate , leading to limit the concept of low cost. The Aakash (sky, in Sanskrit ), funded by the Indian administration, it still has speakers and for now only available to university, but Tuli their marketing plans in the country in December and claims and reserves 340 000 .

With a price of 2,276 rupees (43 dollars or 32 euros), which Tuli has in mind is a communication revolution in India: widespread Internet access among the hundreds of millions of people who joined the mobile phone but not can still buy a computer. And this man in his forties, mild-mannered, respectable height, Sikh turban and long beard and "Indian heart" no doubt recognize, "100%" interest in making the leap to the Hispanic world, while fiddle in his hand one of the tablets.

Turkey block access to Facebook

Turkey has just put up a controversial system of voluntary Internet filters in order to safeguard official childhood any harmful content, but since some sectors is seen as a tool of censorship. The main controversy is due to that the application of some of these filters has blocked access to social networks, in a country that ranks fifth in number of users of Facebook and where 90% of Internet users have an account on this network.

The aim is to protect children from harmful content. Internet is a great blessing but, like medicines, can cause side effects has also drawn attention to the users of so-called "family filter" have not been able to open pages of brands of lingerie like Victoria's Secret and Calvin Klein or preservatives as Durex. However, Information Minister Binali Yildirim, has denied that the government is trying to impose "censorship" on the Internet , as netizens have criticized associations. "The goal is to protect children from harmful content. The Internet is a blessing but, like medicines, can cause side effects. Caring for children in this type of damage is up to the state," he said. Yes, the minister assured that run these filters "is not an obligation."

In fact, the system has had much less impact than expected when we began drafting the project last August. He then decided to make it mandatory for all users to use any of the four filters (family, children, national standard), but the move sparked much criticism that ultimately only the first two have been implemented on a voluntary basis.

Thus, the filter system has had little success and passed November 22, the day of its entry into force, only made ​​3000 requests to install, according to the Agency for Information Technology and Communication (BTK). The few new users have flooded the offices of BTK with emails and calls asking to be let in to websites blocked and the body has been forced to promise to check your filters .

Robots as employees in Foxconn

Taiwanese tech giant Foxconn , maker of the iPhone and the iPad from Apple , will not carry out mass layoffs in China in 2012, despite the introduction of 300,000 robots in its assembly lines this year, said president and founder of the company, Terry Guo.

The robots will be used for routine tasks and more risky in a visit to the Foxconn factories in Shenzhen (south), where about 400,000 employees of the company, Guo pointed out that the robots will be used for routine tasks and more risky to increase productivity, which "will not affect the current staff," he said in remarks published this week Xinhua news agency.

The company president acknowledged, however, that global manufacturing is located in one of his worst moments, so the outlook for 2012 at Foxconn are still "uncertain."

Foxconn announced in July that in the next three years would implant a million robots in their factories in China, which employs 1.2 million employees.

The announcement came amid a wave of suicides among workers of the company, especially in the factories of Shenzhen, which led many to conclude that this measure aimed at reducing its enormous Foxconn staff in the Asian giant, as many blamed the signing of deaths from the harsh conditions that support their employees.

About a dozen workers have committed suicide in 2010 and 2011, most young employees who jumped from the windows of bedrooms situated in the industrial complexes of the firm.

Foxconn is a branch of Hoi Han Taiwanese industrial conglomerate specializing in the manufacture of electronic components and provides high technology multinationals, including Sony, Nokia, Dell, Nintendo or Apple .

NASA launches a mission to Mars

The rocket Atlas V departed from Cape Canaveral on Saturday to drive the robot into space far better equipped to which NASA hopes to determine whether there is or ever was life conditions for Mars .

This robot (called 'Curiosity') with Spanish technology. Specifically, the instrument holder Rover Environmental Monitoring Station (REMS) of the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC), take weather data from the Martian surface , and a high gain antenna, capable of concentrating the energy in one direction and has been built in the center Astrium Barajas (Madrid).

'Curiosity' is the third generation of vehicles that NASA sends SUV to Mars and is designed to explore the planet's surface for at least one Martian year, which is 686 days on Earth. The intent of the mission is to conduct on-site analysis of physical, chemical and weather. As explained by the U.S. agency, this is intended to identify and interpret biological trace geological and climatic processes.

Similarly, analyzing the temperature, the possibility of existence of liquid water and the level of ultraviolet radiation data to assess whether there may develop some kind of organism in that environment.

Destination: Gale Crater

The booster rocket lifted off at 16.02 CET Spanish from the platform 41 in the Air Force Station in Florida. The Mars Science Laboratory (MSL for its acronym in English) will reach the 'red planet' in August 2012.

Two minutes after the game, on a morning cloud over Cape Canaveral, and when the missile amounted to 7778 miles per hour, off the first segment booster once exhausted their service.

Having shed the second segment of booster rocket, the capsule containing the robot 'Curiosity' was shot over 24,000 kilometers per hour to their journey of 9.65 million kilometers in the next eight months and a half with Gale crater destination Mars.

SmartWatch 'clocks'

SmartWatch 'clocks' that connect to the Internet and synchronize data with mobile phoneThe clocks do not seem to want to stay behind. The time can be accessed through devices such as mobile phone to us every day. Therefore, the clock is reluctant to become obsolete technology and increasingly more devices are very similar, apart from giving the time, connect to the Internet and even synchronize with mobile devices.

The number of different devices to be connected to Internet in the near future will increase, a trend called the "Internet of things" and thanks to the implementation of IPv6 protocol , which will multiply exponentially the number of available IP addresses. Anything capable of being connected, it will be. Here come several models of watches that are already beginning to be known as 'SmartWatch' ( intelligent watches ), as explained from Consumer .

There are watches with an Internet connection that allows phone calls, video conferencing and email access, while continuing to social networks.

One of the most used Apple equipment, the media player iPod Nano , and came forward to this new way of incorporating technology into our day to day. Thanks to its size, can be used as a wrist watch by purchasing a belt supported on the Apple store. However, its use is limited to the applications installed on the device, since it does not have Internet access.

The worst (and most popular) passwords, 2011

The security that provides a password to a multitude of sensitive data to an Internet user depends on its 'strength' threats against third parties. Do not fall into simple keys or related to one's tastes, combining different types of characters (and minúculas case), using eight characters and change the default we offer various services that require them, are some of the tips basic that any 'style book' on probably include passwords.

Of course, it is best to avoid all that have been published recently by SplashData . These, of which echo media as Time , have been presented a few days ago as 'the most popular passwords (and worst) of 2011'. The 25 keys have been collected together from files containing millions of passwords stolen and made ​​public on the Internet by hackers . As you can see, most keys are for use by Internet users mostly Anglophone, but they may give an idea of what not to use if you want to properly protect an email account, access to banks 'online' social networks. ..

In this list there are keys that can occur in many instances by default (always accompanied by a council that invites change immediately). Thus, we find the combinations of numbers 123456, 1234567, 12345678, 123123, 111111 and 654321, as some of the most widely used this year (and probably every year).

There are also other combinations like qwerty, abc123 qazwsx and .

Among the most frequently used words appear to create a key password, passw0rd (as above, but changing the letter 'o' for the number 0), animals (monkey), sports (football, baseball), name (michael, ashley) or Expressions (iloveyou).

Rounding out the list of the worst passwords 2011: letmein, trustno1, dragon, master, sunshine, bailey, shadow, and superman .

Possibilities to work on Internet connection

Lose the connection to the Internet does not have to be a problem today. Several major companies that provide web services have features offline . These allow users to discontinue use of its main applications for the fact of being disconnected, and even access their recent documents without having a data channel that will communicate with the server.

Some services and web applications have versions that work just when the user is not connected , as summarized from Consumer .

Thanks to the update of HTML 5 , most of the services of Google (email, calendar and documents) have an alternative to work off .

For its part, Microsoft provides your office suite Office of Enterprise Solutions to work on documents in constant synchronization with centralized server and accessed from all sorts of devices, whether mobile, tablets, laptops or desktops. To do this, sell your server installation package to Cloud Essentials Pack , which handles the synchronization. Also Cloud Essentials Pack (within the Office environment 360, which includes Microsoft Office Live) allows working offline , save the document after the last communication with the server, so that to regain coverage in case of mobile phones or wifi making in the fixed network, there will be a new synchronization automatically. The user will not notice the difference in principle between being or not connected.

To manage the large number of articles and websites that we queued for reading, there are some services that allow you to save a cached version of the page, or just the text of it, to read it later without having to be connected to Internet. Services like Read Later , Instapaper or Readmeo are designed to allow users to keep copies of all items of interest for further reading, regardless of whether or not they are online.

In the same vein, the latest mobile operating system from Apple , IOS5 has a new feature called "reading list" in the Safari browser to read the articles later selected by the user. Yet, unfortunately, this reading can not be done in offline mode. What it incorporates IOS is a mail system that allows you to write a message when you are without coverage, but once this is sent to recover.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Virtual Reality through bionic contact lenses

Imagine being able to check e-mail without a screen? This science fiction may soon be a reality, thanks to contact lenses bionic computed that will receive information directly into the eyes. These modern lenses have been developed by researchers at the Universities of Washington and Aalto (Finland), and although still in prototype stage, and have been tested in rabbits without showing adverse effects.

The lenses, which have many applications in the development of devices for computers and virtual reality will also be very useful in the field of health. As he explained to SINC Praviz Baba, one of the researchers on the project, the device "could also have medical applications such as biosensors connection to provide information on levels of glucose and lactose."

For transmit images directly in the eye, the energy emitted by the source is contained in a circuit that transmits a transparent sapphire chip. So far, the lens contains only one pixel and the team also works to shorten the focal length so that the projections are not a blur perceived by the eye. It also notes Praviz, "the next goal is the incorporation of a default text in the contact lens."

Cyborg insects venture into the unknown

A team from the University of Michigan proposes to use insect Cyborg to access dangerous or inaccessible places before people do, for example in rescue operations. Scientists have developed a system to harness the energy produced by the insects from body heat or movement of their wings. This kinetic energy can be converted into electricity stored in a battery carried by the insect.

How would use this power? "Energy can be used to power cameras and microphones that lead insects into a backpack" explained Khalil Najafi, head of research, Science Daily, "then we would send these bugs modified to dangerous places where we do not want to be the people first. " One of the most useful applications could be the detection of explosives.

The work has been published in Journal of Micromechanics and MicroEngineering , which describes various methods to obtain energy of motion of the wings and present data measured on beetles . The University of Michigan has applied for a patent and is seeking sponsors to bring this new technology to market.

Five things you should know about the Galileo navigation system

We tell you everything you need to know about the new European navigation system.
How many satellites make up the Galileo system?

Galileo is the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) in Europe, and will consist of 30 satellites (27 operational and 3 reserve) distributed in three orbital planes MEO 23,222 km altitude above the Earth with an inclination of 56 degrees with respect to Ecuador. The satellites to be distributed evenly in each plane and will take 14 hours to complete one orbit to Earth. Each plane will have nine operational satellites and one reserve. Why Europe needs Galileo? Satellite positioning has become the standard form of navigation. If the satellite signals were stopped suddenly, many ships and planes would have difficulty re-use traditional navigation techniques. The European Commission (EC) estimates that 6-7% of EU GDP - around 800 billion euros in monetary terms - depends on satellite navigation services. However, European consumers have no alternative but to determine their position with the system GPS U.S. or the Russian GLONASS system.

How accurate is? With 30 satellites at this altitude, the probability is very high (greater than 90%) to see at least four satellites at any time from anywhere in the world, which is in principle sufficient to determine accurately the position of the user. Normally we would be always in sight of six to eight satellites , which can calculate the position with a margin of error will be the order of a few centimeters. With support for GPS, Galileo will double the number of visible satellites at any time. What improvement compared to the Galileo GPS? On the one hand, to calculate the position with great precision virtually anywhere in the world, even in big cities where buildings obscure the signal from the satellites near the horizon.

Furthermore, improving the reception of navigation signals at high latitudes. Galileo satellites will be placed in orbits with higher inclination than the GPS, which will improve the reception quality at high latitudes and the poles, particularly in northern Europe. When available navigation services? The second phase begins with the launch of the first four operational satellites, two on October 20, 2011 and two in mid-2012. Between 2012 and 2014 will be launched 14 satellites, which will supply the first navigation service in 2015.

Why the "dummies" of the crash test cars have that name?

The dummies are the dummies used in vehicle crash tests to verify the effectiveness of security systems that incorporate cars. Why has this strange name?

" Dummies "is actually the plural of the word" Dummy, "which in English means literally" dummy "but can also be understood in a colloquial and familiar as" fool "or" dumb. " The first test Dummy made in America in 1949 . Her name was Sierra Sam and was designed to test the operation of the ejection seats of fighter jets for the military. Later tests would be used for car and finally assume the name of "dummies" in both their country of origin and the other states, as in the case of Spain.

Ford , for example, developed in the mid-50's two human-like dummies to investigate the effectiveness of their security systems. I called them and FERD FERD II and were made ​​of steel (the area that mimicked bone) and soft and hard plastic to simulate muscles and skin.
Currently these devices are very complex and can reach more than € 50,000 cost with all the instruments required for their study and management. As explained in the Ford safety engineer, Jake Head, " the crash test dummies of today are very complex devices , "and they depend on the systems of active and passive safety work properly.

Lens iPhone Dial, three lenses that rotate on the iPhone

The camera of the iPhone 4 and 4S are of very good quality to be a mobile phone, but has a major limitation: its lens. Something that solves this odd accessory that despite being very cumbersome solves this problem. The Lens iPhone Dial system is an aluminum housing that once placed in the iPhone offers the possibility of a better pictures and videos. The three lenses are available to both a wide angle, like a fisheye and telephoto optical zoom of 1.5 x magnification. As usual the bad of this invention in its price, $ 249.

Displa, holograms touch

Surprisingly, right? Displa vapor is a projection - a technique already known - that adds the ability to interact using gestures in the air captured by an infrared sensor, similar to what the device Kinect at Microsoft, but here is a homemade solution created by a Russian student.

Warning of possible scams in the most important day of shopping in the U.S.

Beware of strangers bearing gifts emails and offers 'suspicious' in these days of shopping, and more important especially on Friday shopping in the U.S., Black Friday (Black Friday) . One of the latest and most dangerous scams affects iTunes, reports the BBC .

According to the German blog , have already been cases of people receiving emails claiming to come from Apple's iTunes store and include a 'coupon' gift of $ 50 (as an attachment) to buy it.

In fact, the file contains a malicious program called Mal / BredoZp-B , which creates a backdoor on the infected computer (only affects Windows) and is capable of sending private information, and corrupt and delete files from it.

This attack fraudulent emails (phishing) seems to have been designed to coincide precisely with Black Friday, which marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season in the U.S.. Many businesses take advantage of this day to launch succulent offers, so that it is one of the days with more trading volume.

Halo Aniversary: ​​a lesson for another ten years

The 'worst' of playing the original Halo is to see everything that has been lost in the last ten years in the game: problems that border on the impossible, the work thoroughly of designers to give balance to the weapons and levels, originality and, above all, the ' intelligence 'of the enemy.

Few exceptions, today's action games involve moving through hallways with predetermined events. The ultimate challenge is to learn the position of rivals by trial and error , and they appear again and again repeating their routines.

Therefore, play Halo: Combat Evolved Aniversary, knowing or not his argument, is different. Although the campaign is linear and the enemies do not vary, clashes with the Covenant always have a twist: in a few games adapt tactically rivals to attack the protagonist.

Beyond the remodeling graphic, multiplayer or campaign videos, the best of Halo is still the reaction of the characters in battle. The flight of the enemy when his boss dies or around a rock. In a word, epic battles of the open field and in the hallways of buildings and temples.

The origins of Lara Croft

Lara Croft , the female character that eclipsed the video game industry and became an icon for many, turns fifteen. The woman who won virtual reality with his two pistols represent a profitable franchise that has reached 50 million dollars. Is the key to your success? The personification of independence openly feminist and the obscure object of desire of the public player.

With the arrival of Tomb Raider , the realm of heroes noventeros inflated testosterone and began threatening hardbound joke. The trigger-happy archaeologist smart and took bizarre turns everything. From magazine covers and comics to the attractive world of merchandising, advertising and the big screen.

In the late 90's, with four games on the market, his face was everywhere. The success was so great that Eidos , the owner of U.S. Gold who owned a studio called Core Design , became a successful brand immediately behind PlayStation .

Hundreds of Xbox Live accounts suffer an attack of 'phishing'

Hundreds of service user accounts Xbox Live at Microsoft have suffered an attack of " phishing ". Affected users received a fake email on behalf of Microsoft that were asked the bank card details to, in turn, give them Microsoft Points, the currency that allows users to purchase games and additional content.

Xbox Live users have problems again after a new attack of "phishing". Last April the company faced a similar attack in order to collect user data and eight months later, the attack is repeated. By checking the bank account associated with Xbox Live, users discovered a series of unauthorized payments for a certain period to buy the so-called Microsoft Points.

Users who have fallen into this new scam have lost between 115 and 230 euros , according to British newspaper The Guardian. The attack occurred in those accounts that use Microsoft Points to buy downloadable content for EA Sports, in particular, additional content for FIFA 2012, Madden NFL and NBA.

For its part, Microsoft has acknowledged this attack and ensures the safety of its users is a major issue for the company. "A number of Xbox Live members seem to have been the victim of a malicious attack" phishing. "Online safety of members of Xbox Live is still of utmost importance, that's why I constantly take steps to protect against Xbox Live to these threats. "

To check whether a victim of this attack "phishing" from the company advising the rest of Xbox Live to check your bank account and in case of unauthorized movement to contact Xbox Live, and change the password for your account Xbox Live.

The e-book with the best screen in the world

One of the major advantages of e-Readers with respect to the tablets lies in their screens, which allow easy reading without damaging the eye. The company Qualcomm and Kyobo Book Centre, the largest bookstore in Korea, today announced that it is available in the Asian country 's first e-book around the world including Mirasol display, a revolutionary technology that leads to the electronic ink a new dimension of quality. And every color.

Mirasol, developed by Qualcomm, is inspired by the same process that makes the wings of butterflies shine . The Mirasol display is the first to use reflective technology IMOD (Interferometric Modulation Interferometric), capable of creating color with the light reflected in the environment.

The use of these screens also very low, much lower than the conventional tablet displays a. The Mirasol support interactive content and are highly reflective, allowing quality can be seen even in bright sunlight. Very soon Mirasol also be used in tablets.

The purpose is to provide an unparalleled reading experience, with a wide range of content (books, magazines and videos), with a touch screen that provides brilliant color even under direct sunlight.

In addition, the device's battery will last weeks with normal use. The e-reader has access to 90,000 Kyobo books, ranging from editorial published by the Korean Minumsa to the biography of Steve Jobs.

Mirasol display has an XGA 5 "(1024 x 768 pixels) with a resolution of 223 pixels per inch, and a Snapdragon processor of 1.0 GHz S2 application interface uses the Android 2.3 . With a price of approximately $ 310, this revolutionary device is already being sold in stores Kyobo in South Korea.

Thirty giant iPhones to pay tribute to Steve Jobs

The CEO and cofounder of Apple, Steve Jobs , who died on October 5 after battling pancreatic cancer , has again received a new tribute, this time in Virginia (USA). The Patent and Trademark Office located in this state reminds the technology visionary with 30 giant iPhones , showing the patent in which I participate Jobs as inventor or co-inventor.

This tribute allows attendees to make a visual journey through history in design and innovation from Apple. Patents that are collected showing the various models of technological devices that Jobs had in mind. Although some of them have come to be real, and still others have come on the market as iPod, iPhone or iPad .

This exhibition will gather the documents and the methodology used to carry out these products. Some of the patents arising from the hand of Jobs as an inventor or co-inventor found that resulted in the "computer" tablet "multi"-now known as the iPad, the design of the Mac or iMac and even Battery chargers computers.

The sample of 300 patents is free and open to the public until January 15, 2012.

One hundred emails from Steve Jobs come to light

'Letters to Steve: Inside the E-mail Inbox of Apple's Steve Jobs' has been put on sale on Tuesday in English in digital format at the online store Amazon . The 'e-book, designed by Mark Milian, contains more than 100 e-mails sent by Jobs and includes some notes that have never been published.

Milian's book shows the behavior that was Steve Jobs behind the camera and his complex personality . Despite the popular temper, Jobs himself is portrayed in the book as a "friendly and approachable person" through direct interaction with fans, said the writer.

Throughout the 67 pages, the book based on interviews with clients and their fans know the keys given to how the visionary customer service handled carefully and revealed clues about upcoming Apple products, which guaranteed headlines blogging.

Over the years he spent as head of Apple, customers discovered the email address of Jobs and focused on sending messages. In most cases the answer is somewhat unusual for a manager of his stature, which marked his style leadership and processes of successful products. However, the analysis of each of the e-mails, gives an idea of his famous "Field of distortion of reality", which uses the distraction to achieve their aims.

Among the emails that are related, highlight the e-mail that is exchanged Steve Jobs and Brian Lam, former editor of Gizmodo. At first the two maintained a friendly relationship, but the relationship deteriorated when the technology blog was one prototype of the iPhone 4 before it was announced by Apple itself, as has been collected AppleInsider.

'Letters to Steve: Inside the E-mail Inbox of Apple's Steve Jobs' only available on Amazon Kindle and download price is $ 4.99 (3.20 euros).

The best day to buy an iPhone

Today is a good day to encourage them to buy any of the devices Apple . In the United States is celebrated on "Black Friday" deals that day of all trades, and Spain also have the opportunity, via the Internet, to benefit from them.

In the portal company announced juicy apple discounts on their products. The day is today, Friday November 25 .. Tomorrow, this possibility no longer exists. According to the Apple store offers on its website throughout the day can be purchased online iPad 2 at a discount of 35 euros, a computer Mac for 91 euros less than usual or an iPod Touch for 21 euros less.

Also accessories such as wireless keyboards, mice, printers, headsets, car chargers accessible to offers.

37,000 euros for a puzzle

"Identify and evaluate methods of work that could use our fighters, but also find vulnerabilities to confidential information that is protected through our shredding practices, carried out by the community of U.S. national security." So says the American Research Projects Agency Defense Advanced (DARPA) Challenge goal Harrow ( ). This contest is to connect and interpret information from different manuscripts war documents, previously broken like a jigsaw puzzle. Who gets to reconstruct and interpret the information in the shortest time will win $ 50,000 (about 37,000 euros).

A Manuel Cebrian, Spanish researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and University of California at San Diego (UCSD), has been put between the eyes get a team of students from experts in game theory to cryptanalysts .

Neither Cebrian and his companions were left with a penny of the prize. "Share $ 50,000 from the people we help connect the pieces. Although for now we have about 1,000 people around the world working on the puzzle, I think we need about 10,000 to finish."

To participate in this group, simply register on page . "The pieces of paper does not fit perfectly, are dirty oil and brown, wrinkled, and the ink run. We need humans and computers to solve it." Such challenges are not new to Cebrián. A couple of years ago DARPA 10 red balloons balloons placed 2.4 m in diameter in different parts of the country at random, in order to "test the ability of social networks." The challenge was to locate them in the shortest possible time, in exchange for $ 40,000 (30,000 euros).

A team of researchers from MIT, which was Cebrian, took just nine hours to find them all. "In fact, proposed by the DARPA challenges are metaphors. For example, techniques to find the balloons can be used in the future to locate people. And 40,000 or $ 50,000 is a small price to get as much research and intelligence."

The current team has devised Cebrián an incentive structure that encourages participation to move the pieces of the puzzle, because it was precisely the public partnership that allowed citizens to find the balloons two years ago. "Finding the globes confirmed my theories about the power of social networks and incentives. We have applied the same model to reconstruct the puzzle."

If your team manages to connect all parts, external contributors will win a little money. For each of the pieces fitted, one dollar, the person who invited the project who joined them, you get 50 cents, and the person above that recruiter, if any, 25 cents. That is something.

There are over paid apps in Android Apple

The Apple application developers have earned more money than the collection of Android applications. Investment bank Piper Jaffray has published a study on income in this sector. The study is based on payment applications, but does not consider advertising funded free or purchases inside them, a revenue model that grows significantly.

The Android application market has generated $ 240 million (euro 170 million) last year while Apple's store has paid 3.4 billion dollars (2.5 billion euros) to developers applications for its platform. Only 1.3% of the applications in Google's store are extra . At Apple, they are 13.5%, according to this study. Of the total revenue generated by mobile applications, between 85% and 90% are from App Store. The author of the study entity considers that this dominance will continue, somewhat waned, for four years.

Santillana launches children's applications for iPad and iPhone

Santillana is available on the AppStore for iPhone applications and iPhone series of children's stories Mica and her friends and loved the trunk . These applications, aimed at children 3, 4 and 5 years, will allow smaller start reading, promote the process of reading comprehension in a fun and enjoyable. Each application is structured in the form of story or history where endearing characters (some, like Mica, well known in the classroom) star in various adventure oriented cognitive development of children. In addition, all applications have many features such as games or sound effects that stimulate visual-motor coordination of children.

At the same time, there are new applications of Visual Encyclopedia of Questions , Santillana collection launched last July and consists of 19 titles ranging from the Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Arts and Culture Mythology and Geography.

The launch of Mica and her friends to ipady iPhone has 30 applications (10 for each age group between 3 and 5 years). The stories revolve around the little protagonist, Mica, a cheerful and outgoing girl who, accompanied by her friends Mouse, Duck and Monkey life is full of challenges rather than problems to face each situation with a big smile and tons of enthusiasm.

Each story provides the ability to listen to audio (Read it) or have children or parents who read them aloud (I read). They also incorporate the differences games, memory and color. "Their stories are brought to life by interactive elements that allow devices and digital formats. Mica and their pets jump, sneeze or even speak ..." Marta Bonet said, in Santillana Content Manager Digital Business. "The readings are enriched by allowing the reader's participation in the course and pace of the story itself, in the characters' actions and activities that develop around them, play, color, compete, build puzzles ... A different reading experience with which children have fun while learning, "he concludes.

Mica and his friends was created by Santillana in 2009 and soon became a beloved character for thousands of children enrolled in primary education. ( video)

Also for iPad, iPhone and other mobile devices and tablets Android applications are three enchanted the trunk , a place full of surprises where Lina's character lives. Includes puzzles and coloring game.

Along with these two sets of children's stories, Santillana is developing seven applications for iPad Licorice, who will be in the AppStore from December. They are stories featuring the dog that gives title to the series and offer the functionality to record the voice of the father or the child reads the story, and includes memory games, puzzles and coloring.

Finally, complete Santillana iPad applications for Visual Encyclopedia of Questions , a bilingual collection in Spanish and English whose first two films came out last July. The 19 applications that make up the collection allow all family members to review and test their knowledge in different subjects, from the history of our planet to the different cultures of the world, through the biography of the great geniuses of art or the origin of the inventions that changed our lives and our environment.

"The mobile application environment provides a differential value indisputable about the learning processes of the youngest and formats of information access," said Marta Bonet. Explore, discover, search and tested in an interactive context and visually powerful, is a path to meaningful knowledge, innovative and attractive for everyone. "

Google closes more services

Google continues to clean. After announcing in October and Buzz closing Jaiku, now comes the turn of others. In his blog explains the timing of closing . Google Bookmarks Lists, in English, to share links, will on 19 December. Google Friend Connect, which allows webmasters to add a social component to their sites will be removed on March 1, 2012 except Blogger. The company recommends migrating to Google +. Google Gears for storing web applications on the desktop, disappeared completely in December. Google Wave, online tool that allows users to communicate and collaborate in real time, a year ago that no development. Closed in April. In October next year will no longer be accessible Knol, a Wikipedia failed attempt. The blog gives recommendations for the migration of services.

In October, Google announced the closing of Buzz , a social network created in February 2010 that raised serious suspicions about the management of privacy and that the U.S. authorities subjected to regular monitoring on this issue. Then, Google justified because he aspired to create products that use two or three times a day. To this end, the surfer needs to focus on certain services that you think worth using. On 15 January, Google Code Search also closed, designed to help find open source creations. On the same date will no longer work Jaiku acquired by Google in 2007. Jaiku is a Finnish building intended for microblogs and intended to be an alternative to Twitter. Also in January will no longer function iGoogle social features and The University Research Program. These ads are added to the closure, announced, Google Labs, opened with the intention of allowing test ideas and prototypes.

Google will also close its research on energy alternatives to coal because it believes that other projects are more advanced. This is not an end in its willingness to use renewable energy.

The company now has its main efforts to promote the use of Google + social network.

Nokia Siemens to lay off 17,000 people by 2014

Nokia Siemens Networks will eliminate 17,000 jobs by the end of 2013. The company was founded in 2007 by Nokia and Siemens to manufacture network equipment, but from now on will focus only on the bandwidth for mobile.

The elimination of these jobs will be a cost savings of one billion euros, according to the Finnish company acknowledged that justified the move in a reorganization of the business goals, more focused on the mobile. Nokia Siemens has 75,000 employees worldwide.

In September the company received a capital injection of one billion euros from its two partners. The company simplified its organizational structure, functions and take advantage of the integration of Motorola Solutions, acquired this year.

The TouchPad record-breaking sales in the U.S.

HP is the second largest manufacturer of tablets in the U.S.. After the inevitable iPad, HP has made the TouchPad, which sells at bargain prices after reducing it to $ 99, is positioned as the second best selling pill in that market. It has a 17% share, compared to 16% of Samsung or 10% of Asus. This represents sales of 240,000 units placed in front of the Samsung 192 000 between January and October this year. These figures, however, very far to the iPad, which has sold nearly four million.

The TouchPad was filed in February . The design of the touchpad is a button, much like the iPad. It weighs 725 grams and a 9.7-inch screen. The highlight is the flow to pass easily in application implementation, even among the most resource intensive like games in three dimensions. His problem, like the rest of tablets, is that it arrived after the iPad, the same price. Once you have decided to cease manufacturing, HP's price cuts.

HP has abandoned the webOS operating system, but plans to be present in the tablet market professionals. This month should launch the Slate 2, with the Windows operating system and an Intel processor. The touch screen is 8.9 inches, with virtual keyboard and stylus. Equipped with dual camera, the front for video conferencing, the back is three megapixels. An SD slot allows expanding the storage capacity. It offers a range of about six hours. Connectivity is based on bluetooth and wifi but there is the option of a 3G modem. Security is one of its most care with an encryption of stored data and the possibility of remote erase them in case of loss or theft. The starting price is $ 699

South Korea bans video games to minors at night

South Korea wants to prevent teens under 16 years to spend the night playing. To do so, arguing that aims to combat gaming addiction, has published a law by which children can not play from midnight to six in the morning . The legislation is controversial and difficult to implement.

Sony has already announced that to comply with this law, known as Cinderella law, concrete block access to Playstation Network games. What can not prevent is to continue playing without internet connection. Sony has stressed the cost of adapting their servers to the new law. Microsoft it is more difficult, practically impossible, because the console does not record the age of their players. The rule does not apply to mobile gaming and is accessed through social networks.

According to local statistics, 8% of the population, between nine and 39 years, symptoms of Internet addiction. A group of parents and has used the law, saying it is your responsibility to decide when their children play and watch is not to be borne by the Government. Considered as discriminatory to other activities like watching television.

A lawyer criticizes CNN as saying that an alcoholic who drinks is three bottles a day, but we can not call a person an alcoholic because they drink after midnight. "The same happens with games," said Lee Byung-Chan.

Act law, promoted by the Ministry of Equality and Family, is receiving a barrage of criticism from blogs Koreans consider it a waste of money, useless and stupid. The majority believes that it is impossible to achieve the goals it sets. Many teenagers are recorded, for example, with the names of their parents to skip the age limit.

Simulates a virus come from the National Police

Intec (National Institute of Communication Technologies) Spanish has detected a virus . According to the institute said in its websites: after infecting the user's computer, the virus locks the computer just showing a message where you see the flag of Spain and the shield of the National Police. In that message tells the user that your IP address has been recorded in various illegal web pedophile and violence against children and that in order to unlock your computer, you will pay a fine of 100 euros.

The site explains how Inteco vrius off, warning of the need to have activated a protection system against such assaults. Not for the first time you use the name of the National Police to spread their malware. Last summer one was found similar.

The note goes on to explain that this type of malicious programs typically operate by modifying the Windows registry, running instructions for the computer's operating system into a loop, resulting in the blockage of the team. Appear annoying pop up and block access to Internet. "To avoid these infections recommend that you always have updated antivirus, as well as check files downloaded from the internet before running them."

Apple removes a subscription-based gaming application

The company Big Fish Games has encountered a nasty problem in the Apple App Store. Just three days after being approved your application, Apple has removed. The reason seems to be that the company opposes the marketing system via subscription instead of filing an application for each game. The gaming company has formally asked for the reason Apple closing. Bog Fish said he had worked with Apple to ensure the legality of the formula. Apple initially banned the formula of subscription access content, but then accepted for publications and videos. The games are not on your list of exceptions. Big Fish notes that Apple knew their intentions and who had published information about the offer.

The App Store, opened in 2008, houses more than half a million applications for download. The company has a system of prior approval of the same much more demanding than Google with the Android application market.

Big Fish proposed access to dozens of titles with the payment of a $ 6.99 monthly subscription . The model, streaming , resembles the one used by Netfilx with movies. Big Fish is a company with nine years old in 2010 joined 140 million dollars. About 75% of its customers are women over age 30. An Android version of that application released in early 2012.

Europe bans Internet filter operators to prevent illegal downloads

The Court of Justice of the European Union (ECJ) has ruled today, the statement is available on this link , which is illegal for a judge to order a telecommunications operator to perform a general supervision of the data transmitted on its network to prevent discharges Illegal files protected by copyright. The statement said that the establishment of this type of filtering system violates the basic rights of clients, such as data protection or freedom to receive and impart information, and also violates the freedom of enterprise.

The ruling stems from a dispute between Scarlet , an Internet access provider, and Sabam , a management company of Belgian copyright. In 2004, Sabam reported that Internet users who used the services of Scarlet downloaded on the Internet without permission and without paying royalties, works contained in its catalog through networking peer to peer .

At the request of Sabam, president of the court in Brussels ordered, under pain of fine, Scarlet put an end to such violations, preventing any shipment or receipt by customers, through a peer to peer , file electronics to reproduce copyrighted works. Scarlet turned to the Brussels Court of Appeal, arguing that the injunction did not conform to EU law, since in fact imposed a general obligation to monitor communications on your network, which was incompatible with the directive on electronic commerce and fundamental rights. Belgian judges consulted the case to the EU.

In its ruling the ECJ noted that "the injunction is ordered by a system of filtering involves monitoring, in the interests of copyright holders, all made in electronic communications network Internet access provider affected oversight also is unlimited in time. " Therefore, "the injunction would involve a substantial breach of freedom of Scarlet company, since it would require to establish a computer system complex, costly, permanent and only at their expense," said the ruling.

"On the other hand, the effects of the injunction is not limited to Scarlet, as the filtering system may also violate the fundamental rights of its customers, namely their right to protection of personal data and freedom to receive and impart information, rights that are protected by the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union ", highlight the Tribunal.

Furthermore, it "could violate the freedom of information, since it runs the risk that such a system does not distinguish sufficiently between legal and illegal content, so that its place could lead to blocking of lawful content communications."

Therefore, the ruling concludes that the filtering system "does not respect the requirement to ensure a fair balance between, on one hand, the right of intellectual property and other, free enterprise, the right to data protection and personal freedom to receive and impart information. "

New campaigns phishing messages pretend to Facebook and Apple

Cybercriminals do not rest. Various security companies have detected attacks phishing (e-deceptive) whose messages seem to be referred by Facebook, iTunes, Apple's online store.

In the first case, an email supposedly from Facebook, says the recipient's account will be closed within 24 hours by complaints from other users and sends them to a fake login page where the surfer must provide their personal data and account credit card.

Last week, Facebook suffered a stroke that filled the walls of users violent or pornographic images. The company confirmed it was due to an attack from spam . Now Sophos realize this new attempt of fraud .

After the first attack, Facebook said it had been the victim of a "coordinated attack" spam exploiting a vulnerability in servers. "Our efforts have drastically limited the damage and are in the process of identifying those responsible." During the attack, received the suggestion intenautas run a malicious program on javascript in your browser which led to increase the dissemination of materials.

In another attack, the mark is used fraudulently iTunes to offer a gift of $ 50 in purchases through the store. A ZIP attachment contains a malicious program that can allow attackers to gain access to the computer. This campaign is related to the U.S. Black Friday, the day that marks the beginning of the Christmas season sales and which offer all kinds of discounts.

Monday, November 21, 2011

A robot control the movements of a human arm

A human that moves the arm or hand of a robot remotely, it's deja vu. But conversely, a robot that moves the arm and hand of a man without one is taken, we must admit that it is very strong.

Well I tell you that the authors of this experiment are futuristic French. The Laboratory of Computer Science, Robotics and Microelectronics of Montpellier ( LIRMM ) and the CNRS have managed to move a human limb by giving electrical impulses in the forearms and biceps.

This is an important step in the development of human-computer interaction and opens up incredible. Presumably such a robot that would move a paralyzed person.

In the experiment below, the humanoid robot (a Fujitsu HOAP-3) moves the arm of the guinea pig on top of a small basketball hoop before him to open the hand to drop the ball.

The consumer technology for low-income

If Tomi Ahonen is correct, the mobile will kill once the money (paper). However, if this does happen, will start in developing countries.

This week, Visa announced that it will offer mobile payment services to developing countries. The intention is to serve nations where there is still no banking network and enable the population to pay bills and make purchases by phone.

The service will be prepaid and will be available initially in Nigeria and Uganda, before being made available in other African countries.

According to a study group GSMA, Africa has the mobile technology market fastest growing in the world. Part of the African population already uses mobile phones to do almost everything, including shopping, paying bills, getting microcredit. Approximately 30% of Kenya's economy moves through cell phones. The m-banking has been around for over 4 years.

When reading the news of the expansion of mobile payment services in Africa, the researcher reminded CK Prahalad , creator of the concept of " Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid . "

The term is used in relation to business development based on new technologies for low-income people.

According to Prahalad, there are many opportunities on the basis of the social pyramid are still poorly known. With the exploitation of these opportunities, people with low income can be included in the market, fostering entrepreneurship and " reverse innovation "(innovation that comes first in emerging countries and is then exported to developed nations).

An example of such innovation is the universal battery charger of the Phoenix , technology first developed in countries that had no electricity and that now is being exported to developed countries.

Far more than we think, and consumer technology markets and low-income pontencializa innovations.

Now You Can See the Source of Einstein’s Genius

When Albert Einstein died in 1955, the literal symbol of his brilliance - his brain – was preserved and pieces of it divided between research institutions for academic study.

Now the Mütter Museum of The College of Physicians of Philadelphia, a medical history museum specializing in medical oddities, has some of those samples on display to the viewing public.

Forty-six slides containing pieces of Einstein’s brain were donated to the museum by a neuropathologist from the city’s children’s hospital who wanted to ensure this bit of medical and scientific history was properly preserved and shared with the public.

The majority of the samples remain at Princeton’s University Medical Center, where the autopsy of the groundbreaking physicist was performed at the time of this death. Researchers studied Einstein’s brain over the last five decades searching for any physical clues when compared to other brains to explain the genius of the Nobel Prize winner.

For more information on visiting the exhibit, check out the Mütter Museum website. Are you interested in seeing the display in person?

Samsung Galaxy Ace, Special Edition Hugo Boss

It is common practice for the big brands: launching a mobile phone to a selected audience, in this case, the juvenile or the most amateur to fashion and style firms . In fact, it is maintaining or dressing a little sheet of the terminal and change the housing to add new colors and generally give a much more tailored to what would have made ​​a mark completely away from the mobile phone world . Well, we say all this because the Korean company Samsung has opted to offer a new version of one of its most popular handsets , the Samsung Galaxy Ace . This is a special edition endorsed by Hugo Boss , a fashion house which as you know has its origin in Germany . Having provided the Samsung Galaxy S launched in collaboration with Giorgio Armani , Samsung has decided to go for a more basic end device.

As you saw in the pictures, the Galaxy Ace Samsung Hugo Boss , plays exactly what we imagine would the fans of this brand, more dedicated to fashion and clothes. It incorporates a housing with matte black finish and unique design, signed by Hugo Boss . It looks very serious and distinguished, but no doubt that the rounded edges and compact and ergonomic design make it a mobile phone specially designed for a more youthful audience. In this case, as we said earlier, the company Samsung has decided to provide some improvement to the Galaxy Ace Samsung Hugo Boss , but usually we have a pretty accurate sheet to the original Ace Samsung Galaxy .

In this sense, we must speak of a 3.5-inch display with a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels . These are characteristics that remain, like mononuclear internal processor, running at a speed of 800 MHz . It has a camera with five megapixel sensor and autofocus, useful for taking snapshots of a certain quality, and we would ask all terminal to a good well equipped in connectivity . We refer to the conexón 3G and Wi-Fi , as well as Bluetooth and a slot microSD to insert memory card and take advantage of all the benefits they can offer this terminal.

How the tablets affect the way of watching TV?

The TV makes time has ceased to be a means to focus the attention of the viewer. That's especially true since the advent of devices such as laptops , the tablets and smartphones to the classroom. It is very common that the user is surfing the Internet with your device connected as check out the TV show.

No less than three-quarters of Internet users are surfing and watching TV , according to a study conducted last year in the U.S. by Yahoo and Nielsen . This behavior multitasking does nothing but grow, and most people practice it daily, but is more common among women than among men. In those instances, concurrent use, what means receiving more attention? Internet, watching television.

Now, Yahoo has just presented the results of another study on the U.S. market that sheds light on the consumption of television content in multitasking. The findings suggest that the scope of the simultaneous use of the Internet by viewers depends on two variables : the type of device connected and the type of program on television. If the viewer has a tablet , is more likely if it is a multitasking smartphone or laptop.

This is irrespective of television genre . Now it seems that certain content of television involve higher levels of multitasking, such as reports, cooking and sports . About 56 percent of tablet users are browsing the Internet while watching the news, 49 percent when a cooking show, and 47 percent for sports. This latest study is entitled "The Evolution of TV Multitasking" and has been developed by Yahoo and Razorfish .

Japanese researchers create a robot to get dressed in the morning

Now that we have robots able to prepare breakfast and acercárnoslo to bed , was a matter of time before someone devised a robot that we dress. That someone turned out to be the Institute of Science and Technology, Nara (Naisten by their official abbreviations in English), in Japan, which has developed an intelligent robotic thinking to dress the elderly with mobility problems, but it certainly will work equally well amarmotados the most geeks.

The arm , manufactured by U.S. company Barrett Technology and sold independently under the name WAM , are controlled by an "intelligent" software that can adapt to the size and shape of the user to dress and undress more ease. Its creators boast that as a child needs 10,000 hours to fully develop the motor coordination needed to change clothes, these arms can aparender to dress your username in just minutes, so it would be of great use in homes and hospitals. Not so much in our homes, after all, we make life in pajamas.

3 Uncharted: Drake's deception, better than a movie - Review

What terrible secret is hidden in the desert of Rub 'al-Khali ? Why did Sir Francis Drake and Lawrence of Arabia faced a perilous journey without seeming to find what you were looking for? 3 Uncharted: Drake's deception , the third installment of the saga exclusively for the PlayStation 3, will provide all the explanations after having you involved in an adventure breathless , furious fights between, hellish shooting, climbing and acrobatic puzzles spremimeningi. In the end, and with good reason, you will feel cooler than Indiana Jones.

Sound and graphics are now extremely fluid animations discounted when the work is done by developers at Naughty Dog, people who know how to squeeze the best from the PS3 and that it did with the first two sparks Uncharted . The beauty is that all this technical excellence is accompanied by a beautiful work of art , capable of creating environments of extraordinary impact, and to imagine the action sequences that make dwarf the Hollywood action man - the game is clearly inspired by the blockbuster made ​​in the USA.

The player with the ball for the shooter will turn up their noses at artificial intelligence and a disappointing response of the best weapons. But although the shootings are one of the dominant, Uncharted 3 does not end here and not even one of those games that manages to be more than the sum of its parts , so that one is hardly insensitive to its charm and most likely will be the hours small in order to know how the story ends. Without forgetting the multiplayer , expanded building on what we saw in the second chapter of the saga.

Moral of the story: Uncharted 3 is a title to scream that PlayStation 3 owners can frame.

The Gmail password? Better not to reuse it elsewhere

In theory it is a good idea to always keep in mind: never reuse the same password on different sites or Internet services. In the case of Gmail , however, the suggestion becomes almost an obligation, since we are talking about one of the main systems of mail in the world.

The same Google , however, moved at this time in the first person to remind its users what are the risks of money laundering prompted the password: "Thousands of online accounts are violated every day. If you reuse your Gmail password on other websites, change it now. "

A warning appeared on the mailboxes of many users, and according to some sources will hide in Mountain View to put a patch to the increasing number of attempts to account for violations . Google, for now, has not released any official information about the presence of flaws and vulnerabilities of the last hour, but when in doubt it is always best to remember the five basic rules that any good Internet user should keep in mind when creating a password :

1. Use a unique password for all accounts important
2. Use a password with a combination of letters, numbers and symbols
3. Create a password that's hard for someone to guess
4. Make sure the password recovery options are up to date and secure
5. Keep your passwords in a secret place out of sight

Speaking of Gmail can also mention the official debut of Gmail for iPhone OS . In fact, the email format Mountain View "app" had already peeped on Apple devices about two weeks ago but the presence of an embarrassing bug related to the push notification system of technical posts had suggested to the American giant to withdraw the ' application within hours of release.

The current version - the 1.0.2 - can be downloaded for free from the App Store , and includes the Italian version is optimized for iPhone and iPad [read the ' deepening of CNET ].

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