Friday, November 25, 2011

Hundreds of Xbox Live accounts suffer an attack of 'phishing'

Hundreds of service user accounts Xbox Live at Microsoft have suffered an attack of " phishing ". Affected users received a fake email on behalf of Microsoft that were asked the bank card details to, in turn, give them Microsoft Points, the currency that allows users to purchase games and additional content.

Xbox Live users have problems again after a new attack of "phishing". Last April the company faced a similar attack in order to collect user data and eight months later, the attack is repeated. By checking the bank account associated with Xbox Live, users discovered a series of unauthorized payments for a certain period to buy the so-called Microsoft Points.

Users who have fallen into this new scam have lost between 115 and 230 euros , according to British newspaper The Guardian. The attack occurred in those accounts that use Microsoft Points to buy downloadable content for EA Sports, in particular, additional content for FIFA 2012, Madden NFL and NBA.

For its part, Microsoft has acknowledged this attack and ensures the safety of its users is a major issue for the company. "A number of Xbox Live members seem to have been the victim of a malicious attack" phishing. "Online safety of members of Xbox Live is still of utmost importance, that's why I constantly take steps to protect against Xbox Live to these threats. "

To check whether a victim of this attack "phishing" from the company advising the rest of Xbox Live to check your bank account and in case of unauthorized movement to contact Xbox Live, and change the password for your account Xbox Live.


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