Friday, November 25, 2011

Santillana launches children's applications for iPad and iPhone

Santillana is available on the AppStore for iPhone applications and iPhone series of children's stories Mica and her friends and loved the trunk . These applications, aimed at children 3, 4 and 5 years, will allow smaller start reading, promote the process of reading comprehension in a fun and enjoyable. Each application is structured in the form of story or history where endearing characters (some, like Mica, well known in the classroom) star in various adventure oriented cognitive development of children. In addition, all applications have many features such as games or sound effects that stimulate visual-motor coordination of children.

At the same time, there are new applications of Visual Encyclopedia of Questions , Santillana collection launched last July and consists of 19 titles ranging from the Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Arts and Culture Mythology and Geography.

The launch of Mica and her friends to ipady iPhone has 30 applications (10 for each age group between 3 and 5 years). The stories revolve around the little protagonist, Mica, a cheerful and outgoing girl who, accompanied by her friends Mouse, Duck and Monkey life is full of challenges rather than problems to face each situation with a big smile and tons of enthusiasm.

Each story provides the ability to listen to audio (Read it) or have children or parents who read them aloud (I read). They also incorporate the differences games, memory and color. "Their stories are brought to life by interactive elements that allow devices and digital formats. Mica and their pets jump, sneeze or even speak ..." Marta Bonet said, in Santillana Content Manager Digital Business. "The readings are enriched by allowing the reader's participation in the course and pace of the story itself, in the characters' actions and activities that develop around them, play, color, compete, build puzzles ... A different reading experience with which children have fun while learning, "he concludes.

Mica and his friends was created by Santillana in 2009 and soon became a beloved character for thousands of children enrolled in primary education. ( video)

Also for iPad, iPhone and other mobile devices and tablets Android applications are three enchanted the trunk , a place full of surprises where Lina's character lives. Includes puzzles and coloring game.

Along with these two sets of children's stories, Santillana is developing seven applications for iPad Licorice, who will be in the AppStore from December. They are stories featuring the dog that gives title to the series and offer the functionality to record the voice of the father or the child reads the story, and includes memory games, puzzles and coloring.

Finally, complete Santillana iPad applications for Visual Encyclopedia of Questions , a bilingual collection in Spanish and English whose first two films came out last July. The 19 applications that make up the collection allow all family members to review and test their knowledge in different subjects, from the history of our planet to the different cultures of the world, through the biography of the great geniuses of art or the origin of the inventions that changed our lives and our environment.

"The mobile application environment provides a differential value indisputable about the learning processes of the youngest and formats of information access," said Marta Bonet. Explore, discover, search and tested in an interactive context and visually powerful, is a path to meaningful knowledge, innovative and attractive for everyone. "


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