Friday, November 25, 2011

Halo Aniversary: ​​a lesson for another ten years

The 'worst' of playing the original Halo is to see everything that has been lost in the last ten years in the game: problems that border on the impossible, the work thoroughly of designers to give balance to the weapons and levels, originality and, above all, the ' intelligence 'of the enemy.

Few exceptions, today's action games involve moving through hallways with predetermined events. The ultimate challenge is to learn the position of rivals by trial and error , and they appear again and again repeating their routines.

Therefore, play Halo: Combat Evolved Aniversary, knowing or not his argument, is different. Although the campaign is linear and the enemies do not vary, clashes with the Covenant always have a twist: in a few games adapt tactically rivals to attack the protagonist.

Beyond the remodeling graphic, multiplayer or campaign videos, the best of Halo is still the reaction of the characters in battle. The flight of the enemy when his boss dies or around a rock. In a word, epic battles of the open field and in the hallways of buildings and temples.


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