Saturday, November 19, 2011

Samsung redesigned its Galaxy Tab 10.1 to avoid the ban on sales in Germany

The company Samsung Electronics has said it will launch a redesigned version of its 'tablet' Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany as this week to avoid the prohibition of sale , because a German court said it violated the patents of Apple .

For sales in Germany, Samsung has changed the frame design of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the location of your speaker. It also changed the name of the tablet Galaxy Tab 10.1 N, as it has secured a spokesman for Samsung Electronics. "We modified the model to reflect Apple's complaints," said the spokesman.

Apple and Samsung have been involved in a legal battle around the world since Apple sued Samsung in the United States, saying the devices Galaxy line of South Korea was a copy of your iPhone and the iPad , smartphone and tablet of Cupertino.

Apple has taken precautionary measures against some Samsung products in Germany, Australia and the Netherlands , and also tries to block sales of the Samsung models in the United States, the key battleground for these devices.

Last month, Samsung will also be forced to upgrade three of its smartphones to avoid the temporary sales ban on older versions of products, after a Dutch court will ensure that Apple violated a patent.

An Australian court accepted the appeal on the fast track of Samsung Electronics against the ban on the sale of its new tablet Galaxy in the country. Samsung Electronics launched last month to demand ban sales of the iPhone 4S , the latest smartphone from Apple in Australia and Japan, following similar action in France and Italy.


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