Monday, November 21, 2011

The Gmail password? Better not to reuse it elsewhere

In theory it is a good idea to always keep in mind: never reuse the same password on different sites or Internet services. In the case of Gmail , however, the suggestion becomes almost an obligation, since we are talking about one of the main systems of mail in the world.

The same Google , however, moved at this time in the first person to remind its users what are the risks of money laundering prompted the password: "Thousands of online accounts are violated every day. If you reuse your Gmail password on other websites, change it now. "

A warning appeared on the mailboxes of many users, and according to some sources will hide in Mountain View to put a patch to the increasing number of attempts to account for violations . Google, for now, has not released any official information about the presence of flaws and vulnerabilities of the last hour, but when in doubt it is always best to remember the five basic rules that any good Internet user should keep in mind when creating a password :

1. Use a unique password for all accounts important
2. Use a password with a combination of letters, numbers and symbols
3. Create a password that's hard for someone to guess
4. Make sure the password recovery options are up to date and secure
5. Keep your passwords in a secret place out of sight

Speaking of Gmail can also mention the official debut of Gmail for iPhone OS . In fact, the email format Mountain View "app" had already peeped on Apple devices about two weeks ago but the presence of an embarrassing bug related to the push notification system of technical posts had suggested to the American giant to withdraw the ' application within hours of release.

The current version - the 1.0.2 - can be downloaded for free from the App Store , and includes the Italian version is optimized for iPhone and iPad [read the ' deepening of CNET ].


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