Friday, November 25, 2011

Simulates a virus come from the National Police

Intec (National Institute of Communication Technologies) Spanish has detected a virus . According to the institute said in its websites: after infecting the user's computer, the virus locks the computer just showing a message where you see the flag of Spain and the shield of the National Police. In that message tells the user that your IP address has been recorded in various illegal web pedophile and violence against children and that in order to unlock your computer, you will pay a fine of 100 euros.

The site explains how Inteco vrius off, warning of the need to have activated a protection system against such assaults. Not for the first time you use the name of the National Police to spread their malware. Last summer one was found similar.

The note goes on to explain that this type of malicious programs typically operate by modifying the Windows registry, running instructions for the computer's operating system into a loop, resulting in the blockage of the team. Appear annoying pop up and block access to Internet. "To avoid these infections recommend that you always have updated antivirus, as well as check files downloaded from the internet before running them."


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