Monday, November 21, 2011

A 'hacker' denounces the fragility of the systems that control the water supply

A hacker , who signed as a teacher, has published a series of doumentos to demonstrate the fragility of the systems that manage supply services and water treatment. The publication coincides with the discovery of an assault on the Illinois systems that had to be closed. The Pirates entered the system on November 8 access codes using a U.S. company that produces programs for the control of industrial systems. Prof. material was published on November 5.

prof has published data from a plant in Poland wastewater treatment, a data management program generator, probably used for research purposes by the Southern Methodist University and this is attributed to measurement files water Spain and Portugal . In the latter case, the document does not provide strong clues about the owners of the data, regardless of who is mentioned in the codes a mobile phone operator installed in Spain.The hacker has ensured that did not use any information or maliciously damaged any installation. Its purpose was to denounce the fragility of SCADA software, computer systems monitoring and remote control of industrial plants. Prof. complains about the slow response of agencies dedicated to computer security. He criticizes the poor system configuration, the low level of passwords and the absence of restrictions on access interface. The e-mail from which these statements sent Zdnet is Romanian, but he says it is not in this country. On his Twitter account appears Vendetta mask, traditionally used by members or supporters of Anonymous.


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