Sunday, November 27, 2011

Newspaper readership is the most widespread internet habit

The online newspapers have a high spread in Spain. In fact, reading newspapers in the network is the most widespread habit devices connected to internet . 55.7% of the population over 15 years access to the media. This activity is far above others that are also very popular, like listening to music (48.1%), access to social networks (41.6%), or viewing movies and series (41.4%). Are some data in the Annual Report of digital content in Spain , presented yesterday by the National Observatory of Telecommunications and Information Society (ONTSI) under the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Consumer Affairs.

Reference This comprehensive report on trends in the digital sector in Spain, presented yesterday at the International Forum on Digital Content (Ficod) held in Madrid, said that the turnover of online newspapers grew from 264.5 to 341,700,000 euros, representing a 29.2% increase between 2009 and 2010. 88% of that amount comes from an advertising medium.

The paper notes that one in five Spanish, 20.2%, write comments on those websites that allow you to enter an opinion. Internet users in Spain also consume more than 16 hours of online video per month, more than in the United States.

Overall, the digital content industry in 2010 moved to Spain a quantity of 9.125 million euros, which they depict an annual increase of 24.2%.

In the avalanche of data available in the report stresses that for the first time, digital music consumption in Spain for the first time than analog, and becomes 51.9%. One of the most promising modalities for the future, according to the document ONTSI is the music in the cloud-in-internet servers, which in the near future "may become the primary means of storage of music."

The study highlights an audiovisual data unexpected cessation of advertising in RTVE issue did not affect the total number of the television business, which was 2,335 million euros, only 0.9% less year to year . This means that advertising investment that did not reach the public broadcaster was distributed among the remaining television operators.

Among the least developed sectors in the digital realm is the e-book, which has only reached 6.3% of the population. The film and video activity moved 2.571 million euros.


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