Sunday, November 27, 2011

Robots as employees in Foxconn

Taiwanese tech giant Foxconn , maker of the iPhone and the iPad from Apple , will not carry out mass layoffs in China in 2012, despite the introduction of 300,000 robots in its assembly lines this year, said president and founder of the company, Terry Guo.

The robots will be used for routine tasks and more risky in a visit to the Foxconn factories in Shenzhen (south), where about 400,000 employees of the company, Guo pointed out that the robots will be used for routine tasks and more risky to increase productivity, which "will not affect the current staff," he said in remarks published this week Xinhua news agency.

The company president acknowledged, however, that global manufacturing is located in one of his worst moments, so the outlook for 2012 at Foxconn are still "uncertain."

Foxconn announced in July that in the next three years would implant a million robots in their factories in China, which employs 1.2 million employees.

The announcement came amid a wave of suicides among workers of the company, especially in the factories of Shenzhen, which led many to conclude that this measure aimed at reducing its enormous Foxconn staff in the Asian giant, as many blamed the signing of deaths from the harsh conditions that support their employees.

About a dozen workers have committed suicide in 2010 and 2011, most young employees who jumped from the windows of bedrooms situated in the industrial complexes of the firm.

Foxconn is a branch of Hoi Han Taiwanese industrial conglomerate specializing in the manufacture of electronic components and provides high technology multinationals, including Sony, Nokia, Dell, Nintendo or Apple .


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