Saturday, November 19, 2011

Max Payne returns to the fray

Eight years ago the haunted Max Payne premiere no title on consoles, but in March 2012 will be released Max Payne 3 , the third installment of this saga, which promises fans a shooter with an air film, and the essence of character that marked a before and after in these games.

The internal monologues of the protagonist, the kinematic aesthetic and graphic novel called 'bullet time', in which the latter are slow to see the trajectory of the projectile, revolutionized the shooter genre back in 2001, when Rockstar supported the launch the first installment of 'Max Payne'.

This time, Rockstar, which has shown these days the first demos of 'Max Payne 3', has taken the whole process of game development, with all that entails: the title will not be in stores until it is perfect. And, while it is not for sale, hardly know details of their argument.

The challenge has taken the studio responsible for such iconic franchises as Grand Theft Auto 'is to' Max Payne 'a halo movie and a different image that characterizes the other titles in the FPS genre.

To do this, has used technology 'Natural Motion' already employed in 'GTA 4' or 'Red Dead Redemption', but a way to maximize the weight of Payne on stage, their falls and their movements are to be fired more real than ever.

The Rockstar almost morbid desire to polish every last detail comes in 'Max Payne 3' a new dimension. The sweatshop character as the action intensifies, you can see the pores of your skin and the texture of his beard and scenarios are so real that the player can interact with almost any object.

Have revealed little of the argument, only the eight years that have elapsed since the last delivery have also gone to Payne, who has had to abandon their traditional stage in New York and moved to Brazil, where is the security chief of real estate magnate Rodrigo Branco.

The contrasts between rich and poor Brazilian-inspired films like City of God - Payne will serve as the stage, pursued by other enemies and haunted by the loss of his wife and son hanging over him for years.

In 'Max Payne 3' not enough to kill the magic is "nice kill" and recreate with the wiles of the protagonist thanks to tools like the "bullet time" which is still present, or "kill cam" that allows see slow death of the last enemy of every scene.

The realism is such that, unlike in other titles of the genre, Payne can not use more weapons than you can carry at all times, so that, if he has in his possession a machine gun long range, must make do with her hand while shooting with his gun.

The title seems to meet the challenge of adapting the franchise these days without getting rid of the essence that popularized 'Max Payne', but not until a few months when fans can see on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC if Rockstar met expectations.


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