Sunday, November 27, 2011

Home for iPad

A second-hand laptop that cost 500 yuan (about $ 80, or 60 euros) and manual ability were enough to Xinlong Wei, a college student in northern China, to build a home iPad as a gift for his girlfriend, tells the press China.

According to the newspaper  China Daily , which shows images of the iPad craftsman with the happy couple, Wei spent ten days in building this replica, which can display text, movies, or download files. It has used Windows and an external keyboard, it does not include touchpad. Windows has a version that offers tablet touchscreen capabilities (but not multitouch like the iPhone), but the student has not included the virtual keyboard which already includes the operating system.

Wei did not forget to decorate your  tablet (much thicker and without the stylish finish of the original iPhone the edges) with the apple of Steve Jobs's signature as an image on the screen. Yes it also has USB, monitor and even broadband connection.

The boy and his girlfriend, Sun Shasha, study at Northeastern University in Changchun City, near the border with North Korea, and both belong to humble farm families. Wei acknowledged that he had enough money to buy his girlfriend a computer, which was documented on the internet with videos that showed how to get one, and decided to implement them.

"It's the best gift I ever had, I will keep forever," Sun said his girlfriend, who has also contributed his personal touch to the iPad home, decorating with fake gemstones jewelry.


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