Monday, November 21, 2011

Japanese researchers create a robot to get dressed in the morning

Now that we have robots able to prepare breakfast and acercárnoslo to bed , was a matter of time before someone devised a robot that we dress. That someone turned out to be the Institute of Science and Technology, Nara (Naisten by their official abbreviations in English), in Japan, which has developed an intelligent robotic thinking to dress the elderly with mobility problems, but it certainly will work equally well amarmotados the most geeks.

The arm , manufactured by U.S. company Barrett Technology and sold independently under the name WAM , are controlled by an "intelligent" software that can adapt to the size and shape of the user to dress and undress more ease. Its creators boast that as a child needs 10,000 hours to fully develop the motor coordination needed to change clothes, these arms can aparender to dress your username in just minutes, so it would be of great use in homes and hospitals. Not so much in our homes, after all, we make life in pajamas.


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