Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The next Bioshock

Launched in 2007, Bioshock quickly became a success by critics and public, (who repeated his second part ) and has won multiple means the award for Best Game of the Year .

We had the pleasure to interview in London with his primary responsibility, Ken Levine , who has fervently preparing the third installment of the series: Bioshock Infinite .

The creator gives us his view on the present and future of the industry, and advances us some details of the game that hit stores over the next year for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

How do you see the future of the gaming industry? Where are we going and what you think is the next step?

I am always eager to know the future of video games because I think there is much still to see and play. Some say 'social games are the future', but I think that we should not confuse now what is to come. I think it's very difficult to predict. People who develop games in the same court that we in Irrational is clear that if you do a project and you're going to invest money in it, better to create something very, very special and we are quite aware of that. It is our responsibility, and more in times of economic difficulties that we go now, because people are going to be extra careful when choosing. We take very seriously to give users an experience so different and awesome that they can not get that anywhere else.

How about the 'Cloud Gaming' (set in the cloud)? Do you think the future may take that direction?

Yes, but what happens is that it is not clear yet how it works. When you buy something you do not know if he stays in the cloud or storing on your computer. It is a powerful tool for movies and stuff, as you download and avoid having to endure the tedium of waiting. I'm a big fan, but if not so little interactive your procedure would be much more natural. In the U.S. we have services like OnLive with no need to have a console or a device for saving data. It's like old times again with these useless computer terminals that used to be central unit processing. The 'Cloud Gaming' I feel really great, but the player has little control over the process and can not interact with it, so I think it should be.

Do you think we've reached the highest technical level of this generation of consoles?

If you look at current games like Bioshock great Infinite, Batman: Arkham City, Uncharted 3 or Gears of War 3 I think it's hard to say who has reached the limits of the consoles. You see the scale of the city of Arkham City, or combat in Bioshock Infinite rails and what we have done with the character of Elizabeth, and I think it's difficult to say which is the maximum. I think we can always reach a point where we have more technology to enable us to better things. But today, as a player, I do not die, saying "oh, please, give me something new." My excitement when I see something new on consoles still intact, for example, some of Nathan Drake, Arkham City, or Columbia.


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