Friday, November 25, 2011

Google closes more services

Google continues to clean. After announcing in October and Buzz closing Jaiku, now comes the turn of others. In his blog explains the timing of closing . Google Bookmarks Lists, in English, to share links, will on 19 December. Google Friend Connect, which allows webmasters to add a social component to their sites will be removed on March 1, 2012 except Blogger. The company recommends migrating to Google +. Google Gears for storing web applications on the desktop, disappeared completely in December. Google Wave, online tool that allows users to communicate and collaborate in real time, a year ago that no development. Closed in April. In October next year will no longer be accessible Knol, a Wikipedia failed attempt. The blog gives recommendations for the migration of services.

In October, Google announced the closing of Buzz , a social network created in February 2010 that raised serious suspicions about the management of privacy and that the U.S. authorities subjected to regular monitoring on this issue. Then, Google justified because he aspired to create products that use two or three times a day. To this end, the surfer needs to focus on certain services that you think worth using. On 15 January, Google Code Search also closed, designed to help find open source creations. On the same date will no longer work Jaiku acquired by Google in 2007. Jaiku is a Finnish building intended for microblogs and intended to be an alternative to Twitter. Also in January will no longer function iGoogle social features and The University Research Program. These ads are added to the closure, announced, Google Labs, opened with the intention of allowing test ideas and prototypes.

Google will also close its research on energy alternatives to coal because it believes that other projects are more advanced. This is not an end in its willingness to use renewable energy.

The company now has its main efforts to promote the use of Google + social network.


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