Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tim O'Reilly: "Web 2.0 concept is obsolete"

Internet expert and publisher Tim O'Reilly believes that the web 2.0 concept , which he coined to define a more dynamic and participative web has become aged and obsolete to explain a technological reality imposed on the mobility and computing in the cloud .

"I think the idea is obsolete. That expression was typical of other times which tried to promote the idea of the website, the failures of the dot-com era, and I think it was a success and has created much excitement, but unfortunately has aged, "O'Reilly has argued in an interview with Efe on his participation in the fifth edition of the International Forum on Digital Content .

Assertive and confident that internet is an "engine of freedom and power to users , "the expert has made ​​a plea for an open and free network monopolies and controls. In this line has argued that the creation of online content has to add value to the ecosystem and not only seek economic benefit , and has criticized companies attack endanger the network because they see their business model and who want to take "a large piece of cake. "


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