Saturday, November 19, 2011

Twitter accounts for over 90% of online opinions on the candidates of 20-N

The Twitter social network concentrates more than 90% of the opinions and views on the candidates of the upcoming elections of 20-N expressed in the Internet network, which makes it the "principal electoral speaker of politicians as the own voters , "according to a study by Nielsen Online under the heading 'What do the voters in the network?'.

In reaching this conclusion, has used the Nielsen BuzzMetrics, a measurement tool that controls more than three billion comments in Spanish that circulate in the network in real time while reporting and analysis provides quantitative and qualitative " emotions "of Internet users.

Thus, the Nielsen study, made ​​this measurement tool based on an analysis of Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, Flickr, forums and blogs, makes shown that it is the immediacy of Twitter that makes it the platform of choice for voters when talking about elections and political parties who attend them.

Thus, 84% of online comments on Mariano Rajoy are in Twitter compared to 91% of opinions on Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba . While Facebook account for 9% of comments on popular candidate and 3% on the Socialist leader.

This superiority of Rajoy on Facebook Rubalcaba is therefore probably the most activity profile of the candidate 'popular' in this network, which currently has more than 59,000 fans compared to about 14,000 of the former Minister of Interior, according to Nielsen.

"The sand of the arenas and stadiums has led to social networks, " explains the director of Social Media at Nielsen, David Sanchez, who said that, however, the political class continues to use social media as an element more than "amplification of the main political proclamations "that involvement with their voters.


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