Saturday, November 19, 2011

Launch a 'telephoto' ultralight for iPhone 4

If at this point no one doubted that the iPhone 4 is more than one mobile, consumer electronics company Naical aims to make the most out of your camera phone with a ' telephoto ' ultralight compatible with the terminal of Apple .

Programs like Instagram had made the iPhone photo by an art worthy of display at a museum, as shown in the exhibition which hosted the East Gallery in London last October.

However, the hardware contribution to this new form had been hitherto photographic less prominent because of the difficulty of compatible phones with the usual dimensions of the camera lens reflex.

No need for a tripod, this device fits the phone with total stability thanks to a housing incorporating the iPhone a little telephoto 30 mm thick by 79 long.

This accessory allows you to close the frame of the image being portrayed by a zoom of 9 positions, as reported in a note Naical, "allows a distortion-free image."


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