Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Internet of Things

They say the next decade will be the decade of the Internet of Things, the era in which everyday devices, such as refrigerator or thermostat, eventually connected to the network.

A good foretaste of that future is Twine, a two MIT students seeking funding Kickstarter that Techcrunch has devoted an entry . Twine is a programmable sensor box designed for lovers of " do it yourself "people who want to experience and some hand to technology. The grace of the device is that it has a very simple software interface. No programming knowledge is needed to achieve, for example, to send an SMS to your phone when something happens.

Inside the twine, a magetómetro, accelerometers, temperature and humidity sensors and a port for attaching other sensors or analog controllers. When within five years his garage to send you a message saying that there is a leak in part be thanks to ideas like this.


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