Friday, November 25, 2011

The e-book with the best screen in the world

One of the major advantages of e-Readers with respect to the tablets lies in their screens, which allow easy reading without damaging the eye. The company Qualcomm and Kyobo Book Centre, the largest bookstore in Korea, today announced that it is available in the Asian country 's first e-book around the world including Mirasol display, a revolutionary technology that leads to the electronic ink a new dimension of quality. And every color.

Mirasol, developed by Qualcomm, is inspired by the same process that makes the wings of butterflies shine . The Mirasol display is the first to use reflective technology IMOD (Interferometric Modulation Interferometric), capable of creating color with the light reflected in the environment.

The use of these screens also very low, much lower than the conventional tablet displays a. The Mirasol support interactive content and are highly reflective, allowing quality can be seen even in bright sunlight. Very soon Mirasol also be used in tablets.

The purpose is to provide an unparalleled reading experience, with a wide range of content (books, magazines and videos), with a touch screen that provides brilliant color even under direct sunlight.

In addition, the device's battery will last weeks with normal use. The e-reader has access to 90,000 Kyobo books, ranging from editorial published by the Korean Minumsa to the biography of Steve Jobs.

Mirasol display has an XGA 5 "(1024 x 768 pixels) with a resolution of 223 pixels per inch, and a Snapdragon processor of 1.0 GHz S2 application interface uses the Android 2.3 . With a price of approximately $ 310, this revolutionary device is already being sold in stores Kyobo in South Korea.


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