Saturday, November 19, 2011

A website recommended to drink as you hear the music

Until recently, the topic almost forced to complete the pair formed by the music and drink with sex. However, a new digital service can now alter this preconceived idea to introduce an element of surprise, at least in this context: the database . And is that the page Drinkify advises users what to take based on the group, artist or composer you are listening from a very extensive repertoire. Anyone visiting this site, driven by intelligent music company The Echo Nest and the system Recommendations sound LastFM , just type in a search window which is hearing and Drinkify will do the rest. Some of their automatic associations are correct: the giant country Johnny Cash and Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey, or in the extreme, Teen pop singer Justin Bieber and the energy drink Red Bull. But other combinations lead to think that developers should keep working. For example, the chosen accompaniment for any work of classical composer Ludwig Van Beethoven would be the same for parts of jazz saxophonist John Coltrane: red wine. In short, this is an Internet entertainment open to suggestions and eager for fun or for music lovers with a little imagination in the field liquid. For now, its officers, Hannah Donovan, Lindsay Eyink and Matthew Ogle, do not have any application to the reverse, ie to propose music as you are consuming.


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