Friday, November 25, 2011

Apple removes a subscription-based gaming application

The company Big Fish Games has encountered a nasty problem in the Apple App Store. Just three days after being approved your application, Apple has removed. The reason seems to be that the company opposes the marketing system via subscription instead of filing an application for each game. The gaming company has formally asked for the reason Apple closing. Bog Fish said he had worked with Apple to ensure the legality of the formula. Apple initially banned the formula of subscription access content, but then accepted for publications and videos. The games are not on your list of exceptions. Big Fish notes that Apple knew their intentions and who had published information about the offer.

The App Store, opened in 2008, houses more than half a million applications for download. The company has a system of prior approval of the same much more demanding than Google with the Android application market.

Big Fish proposed access to dozens of titles with the payment of a $ 6.99 monthly subscription . The model, streaming , resembles the one used by Netfilx with movies. Big Fish is a company with nine years old in 2010 joined 140 million dollars. About 75% of its customers are women over age 30. An Android version of that application released in early 2012.


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