Monday, November 21, 2011

The entrepreneurs and the power user will star in FICOD 2011

The V edition of the International Forum on Digital Content (FICOD) delve into the role that Internet users and entrepreneurs are having on the evolution of the Internet, where users' voice begins to be essential for new proposals to fruition.

The forum, to be held in Madrid from 22 to 24 November, held 120 workshops, 24 workshops, 10 roundtables and six plenary sessions are very focused to take the pulse of the digital content market and delve into the key business routed towards the path of success and profitability. The creator of the concept Web 2.0, Tim O'Reilly, will kick off FICOD 2011 with a talk about the "enormous possibilities" offered by the changing technology of content.

Over three days, experts from the worlds of film, literature, media, telecommunications and marketing in the forum discuss new digital trends affecting their businesses.

FICOD devote much time to marketing and electronic commerce , which begin to look at social networks and how the process of buying a socialization experience: the view of users begins to be very powerful.

Every year a new term coined to describe a new trend. This time, the candy of digital content is the "gamificación" , ie the use of video games for non-entertainment that allows, for example, motivate and retain users.

In this issue, the experts will try again to find the key of the call connected and social television. And in a context of rapid growth in mobile browsing, it will show how almost all businesses have to embrace Web access through mobile devices and applications for smart phones lest they be overwhelmed by new trends. In these devices are becoming more important the geolocation and augmented reality , as will be shown various acts of FICOD.

Experts from different areas

Professional companies tens of ICT (information and communication) will participate in national and international the most important event of the digital content sector in Spain, including Myspace, Spotify, slides, Spanish TV, Shazam, Nokia, Yahoo! , Casa del Libro, Microsoft, Madpixel, Samsung and the Thyssen-Bornemisza.

The third day, the forum will be dedicated to developers and entrepreneurs, who will find tips to thrive in a competitive environment and achieve funding for their projects and see first hand ideas that won a place in the coveted Silicon Valley.

In its fifth year, will FICOD Mexico as invited , arguing that acts as a channel for the supply of Spanish-language content in the markets of Latin America and the United States.


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