Monday, March 19, 2012

An invisibility cloak to protect buildings from earthquakes

Mathematicians at the University of Manchester are working on the theory of invisibility cloaks that covered developing progejan buildings and structures of vibration and natural disasters such as earthquakes . As announced William Parnell and his colleagues in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society A , camouflage certain structural components with rubber pressure allow large seismic waves do not "see" the building and "long pass" so that it does not suffer any damage.

This "invisibility" may be very important to protect key structures such as nuclear power plants, electrical towers and government buildings in the destruction of natural disasters and even terrorist attacks, as it would provide invisibility to light waves, sound or vibration. Research into invisibility cloaks and the ability to hide objects or persons to light waves began about six years ago, but so far very little work had been done with other types of waves, such as those produced by earthquakes. "This research has shown to actually have the potential to control the direction and speed of elastic waves . This is important because we want to direct these waves in many contexts, especially in nano-electronics applications, for example, "explains Professor Parnell. "If the theory can be applied to larger objects, then it could be used to create layers to protect buildings and structures, or perhaps more realistically, to specifically protect important parts of these structures."

Create a "gun" that makes you shut up

Mandar silence someone might be much easier thanks to an original and controversial Nippon invention. Two Japanese researchers have created SpeechJammer , a gadget that when "triggers" can cause a person to stop talking in seconds , interrupting his speech in midsentence.

The creators of this invention, the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology of Japan and Ochanomizu University, say in an article in arVix that the device does not cause any physical discomfort and stop acting as the speaker stops talking . Its operation is based on the psychologists discovered years ago that it is almost impossible to talk about when we hear our own words with a delay of only a fraction of a second. Kurihara and Tsukada have created a portable device with a built-in microphone, you record a snippet of conversation, and a speaker that plays 0.2 seconds later.

Both elements are directional, so it can be activated remotely, as if "disparásemos" a weapon, although in this case only beeps. In the article, the authors assert that this mill could improve the dynamics of communication in discussions and debates , especially when one party gets heavy. O silence someone who speaks out loud in a library or a movie theater and even a fellow chatters incessantly office phone into a high voice annoying his colleagues. So far, there have been references to the ethical and legal issues that would have a machine that forces people to stop talking.

A smart material is self-healing

A team of Jacobs School of Engineering, University of California at San Diego (USA) has developed a hydrogel that adheres in seconds , with the same ease as the velcro, and could have numerous applications in the field of medicine for sealing wounds, as well as engineering. Hydrogels are intertwined chains of polymers that form a flexible gel material similar to the soft tissues. The team, led by Shyni Varghese, has developed a material whose molecules come together like the fingers of one hand.

"Self-healing is one of the fundamental properties of living tissues allowing them to overcome the ongoing damage," says Varghese, adding that this is the first time you get to develop a synthetic material services itself. The gel works especially well in a acidic environment similar to the stomach, making it into the adhesive suitable for treating holes in the wall of the stomach or controlled drug release in gastric ulcers , the authors explain in the journal PNAS . However, the researchers hope to apply it in sutures and wound healing . On the other hand, the new material could be useful in engineering, since the self-repair of breaks could help reduce industrial waste and consumer products. In addition, rapid self-repair has been shown that the hydrogel makes it a promising candidate to seal the leaking vessels containing corrosive acids .

Headphones for depression and jetlag

Patients suffering from seasonal affective disorder (SAD acronym in English) and show symptoms of depression every winter are in luck. The Finnish company has created Valkee Ltd. headphones, instead of sounds, bright light sent directly to the brain through the ear canal. In this way, say from the company, you may " prevent and cure depression, mood swings and circadian rhythm disorders such as jet lag .

"In the first clinical trials of the invention, which has been developed with the participation of neurologists and physiologists at the University of Oulu (Finland), the headset Valkee reduced or completely eliminated the symptoms of SAD in 90% of patients after 4 weeks use, with a daily dose of 8-12 minutes. Also used to treat anxiety, reducing the symptoms up to 60%. "Valkee increases the amount of light reaching the brain to natural levels when external light is not sufficient and there is a safe and natural recharge," the researchers say. not the first gadget that is created to fight depression with Light . A team of engineers from Denmark has recently created the "sunglasses" SEQUINETIC , which provide light equivalent to natural daylight.

Now what Android can do?

The announcement of a new iPad requires manufacturers of Android tablets to catch up. It is possible that ASUS, as stated in your Twitter profile , offering more cores or tablets that Samsung allowed to choose between screen sizes, but no one can compete in two aspects: the definition of the screen and the catalog of Android, still far from wealth of iTunes.

Not that Google will wait but last week it was ready for the upheaval caused by a new iPad. John Lagerling, director of alliances operating system, confessed to El Pais that Apple has it easier than Android for making hardware and software . The Android world is more open but also more complex. There are all kinds of gadgets that use it: media players, phones, tablets, devices to connect to the TV ... Part of its strengths but also weaknesses. Theoretically you can buy the same hardware and have a totally different experience. More and more manufacturers will often add a selection of programs and display options to differentiate themselves.

Google has tried to put some order with Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest operating system whose value is to unify the interface and application compatibility for all. Great for screens of all kinds, large and small. Lenovo has even made ​​a TV that works with Android 4.0.

Fire Kindle, the 'best seller'

Amazon also has entered this war, only in America, but steadily. There Fire Kindle is already the best selling tablet after the almighty iPhone. The landing in the world depend on the agreements.

His strategy is the same you have with the Kindle for reading, a very low price, low-only 6 gigs storage-and great store to buy any digital content, whether books, movies, applications ... Jeff Bezos The store has many advantages in addition to its advanced technology, know synchronize shopping as any other competitor. If you leave a film or book on a particular item, you can continue where it left off in another device provided that gives the user key. Fire Kindle only costs $ 200, is somewhat smaller than the iPhone and are thinking to abuse, it is assumed that does not scratch.

Apple makes war on Google maps

FourSquare, a service where friends say where they are and get rewards for exploring places, gave the first warning. During the Mobile World Congress Barcelona announced they were leaving Google maps . On Wednesday, during the presentation of the iPad was known , in fact, that Apple does without the services of Google Maps in one of its star applications, iPhoto.

FourSquare and Apple have both opted for Open Street Map , a website that is gaining more followers. Firstly because it is easy to use. Second, it maintains the philosophy of Wikipedia. They have over 400,000 registered volunteers that are updated as changes occur in streets.

A FourSquare has been particularly useful to be as open as they have exploited to revamp their icons and indications. He has been embraced with such force that is committed to actively participate in its improvement.

In Apple's case there has been a spokesman and its operating system, by default, the map application of Google. However, iPhoto, just released in iPad and iPhone, has chosen to follow the trail of FourSquare. Open Street Map has welcomed them in his blog and clarified that Apple was using a year ago, but internally.

This move Apple seems transitory, until you list your own version. Buying Poly9 Placebase in 2009 and in 2010 indicate that soon could dispense with services outside the apple company.

Anyway Open Street has its dark spots. It works very well in areas with high population density. If a place is very busy is amended as soon as a change, but has dark areas in rural areas and no satellite images help both in the version of Google.

Google's strategy is quite logical, but also aggressive. When they launched their service attracted many customers by allowing free access to consumers and businesses. Opened its application programming interface for other services, as mentioned Apple and FourSquare, integrate maintaining the aesthetics of your website. That's how successfully harvested into almost standard. According to ComScore estimates, measuring Internet traffic, 49% of mobile applications and tablet mapping using the browser.

The price of GoogleMaps

In April 2011 reported via his blog that he was still free to queries on the web, but with a limit of 25,000 requests to their servers. Search pages from hotels or apartments, they need to show clearly how to get there, they must pay more than three euros (four dollars) per 1000 additional consultations . This figure does not seem too high, unless you have to pay for the use that is made ​​from 180 million iPhone distributed worldwide and 60 million iPads. The Spanish subsidiary has refused to discuss the matter and has not provided access to a spokesman for Google Maps that, since birth has had privacy issues. Google Maps added a layer at street called StreeView that recorded both buildings and people.

Peter Fleischer, chief privacy Google, acknowledged in an interview this means that in Europe had given them some headaches . The usual procedure to disappear from it was to fill a form with the request. That is, a posteriori. More than likely that many citizens in the most remote, ignore that are cause for derision .

In Germany the commotion was such that they had to choose to take a period prior to the publication of images for users to officially denied permission to leave home.

The movement of Apple and Google FourSquare gives some of his own medicine. When they broke into this field NavQuest dethroned, the leading map provider until then, and still continues to operate in much of the car GPS navigators.

The TV also want applications

Samsung has long been betting on the Internet connection in their high-end TVs. What we have called Smart TV, smart TV, begins to reach a larger part of the catalog. The Korean manufacturer has completely banished LCDs (liquid crystal). Henceforth all televisions will be light emitting diode (LED).

In 2012 begin to market devices with applications priced between the 300 and 3,000 euros for the more luxurious models. These are by far the most interesting, not only for image quality and dual-core processor, but above all, to include a front camera which serves both to use Skype to turn your TV into a giant mirror , to handle the device with voice and gestures.

The system, which is strongly reminiscent of the Xbox Kinect, works with 36 voice commands. To ensure compatibility have been used as a standard speech than 140 different Spanish regions. They do not provide data on the number of voices taken, but the company says it is configured for 20 languages.

The front camera is also used to follow exercise programs and fitness and to recognize the family member is before them and adapt content to your tastes, or in the case of minors, at their age.

The number of applications continues to grow: YouTube, or MyMadrid Antena 3 (the official Real Madrid) Yomvi to subscribers of Canal +, or MyTele (Telecinco). They can do with their key channel, and another through a normal TV through the decoder. For now, all applications are free.

One of the sensations that the consumer is more concerned about finding the right time to buy a unit. "Is it worth waiting for the next generation?" is the question most often do. To encourage the sale of more expensive models in the catalog, Samsung has included an expansion slot that allows you to upgrade the TV, either with more processing power or memory. The so-called Evolution Kit will be released in 2013, no specific price and without a more accurate description.

Samsung is not alone in the idea that television is the gateway to the Internet at home. Apart from being a claim for renewal of equipment, manufacturers see that they can make agreements with other technology sectors, as the software or hardware. Apple TV or Google TV can be converted, at the same time, partners and competitors.

"Films set in position. Video games make you live"

Philip Tan (Singapore, 1976) is director of the gaming lab at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Your job is to explore the game from multiple viewpoints. On the one hand as a source of wealth to Asia, in fact, although formed in the U.S., the center is headed home. The other as a form of communication and narrative vehicle. "Video games are good for encouraging certain mental processes. They are a very powerful means of communication. " So the difference between active and passive consumption of media: "Films set in position. Video games make you live it, put your brain to work to understand complex systems and get into the role. "

The gamificación is a trend that promotes use of game mechanics for non-recreational to increasing the motivation, effort and concentration. It has become the latest craze to promote productivity in companies. This mechanism, incidentally, often not achieved in their own games. Yet Tan has put quite hopeful: "Humans have the ability to make the ordinary special."

An example of how the dynamics of the games can be applied is FourSquare , a service that blends social networking, mobile and location. "Nobody's mind until they started to medal, simple, simple, in recognition of special places to discover and recommend."

Faced with the threat of gamificar all, So is cautious: "I think it may promote some changes, but not very deep and prolonged. I think últil to reinforce previous ideas, but not to change behavior in profound ways. " He also sees some restrictions: "Football, for example, or tennis, or any game already in place, especially if we refer to the sport and have their own design aspects that are to be promoted."

After a moment of reflection is released to list titles that in his view have evolved in the industry. No appointment or Sonic or Mario, but Sim City, a simulator that combines urban planning with political skills. Portal, a mixture of puzzles and action, known for his wit. Dark Souls prefer the need to seek complicity with the character and learn to be patient. It is noteworthy that only highlights a logic-based securities 'oriental' games based on an experience rather than reaching a goal. They are more thoughtful, but less competitive.

The video game industry is at a crossroads. Electronic Arts, the strongest independent study, said in March that as more money enters mobile gaming consoles and tablets. "This is not what is better or worse, but to think what the public wants. I think the key is in the distribution. People do not want to go to a store to buy a disc or wait until you get home, but the download instantly. If you want to play just five minutes, do sets of 5 minutes, you have to fit your lifestyle, "says Tan In his opinion, Apple is not competition because" does not play, but has created a better system, as did with music. "

Nintendo's latest creation is a handheld, 3DS, which lets you view images in three dimensions without glasses. Despite the technological despligue believes that fails at something. "There's always going with me, just when I go to conventions. He thought with a social use that only occurs in very specific cases, until they reach a wider audience will not show all its splendor "he says. Maybe that's why, a few months of dating Nintendo cut the price by 40%. Despite this reduction, has not taken off.

Sony, the other Japanese giant highlights its nods to the user-generated content, "Do not stay in the passive, but leave an open door to creativity. Sony understands their machines almost like a computer. Microsoft leaves it as something reserved for experts. " In his view, this openness extends the life of games and creates community around them. "Here Little Big Planet is a masterpiece."

"Kinect will not kill the controls, but extending the options."

As has been seen since his first experience in an Atari 2600 to today have evolved controls. Would he die command with buttons? "I think not. Kinect not going to kill, but are extended options. In Rock Band for example do not learn to play guitar, but I think you're capable of it. To get into the role you need the piece of plastic that simulates what is the reference. "

In the past 30 years some companies have fallen by the wayside. The most famous case was that of SEGA. "The mistake was not open enough for developers. Last console, Dreamcast, was very special, but were unable to compete. "

After relating the benefits of video games as part of learning a question arises: How fit when cheating? "All we do is part of learning and well. Say that while you do not fool yourself and know that it does is good. I see only bad if used as a competitive advantage to play against someone but if you get stuck in one place how could you not find the solution if you spend 60 euros? "He concludes.

What if one day drop the iPhone?

It's true: the Nasdaq 100 shoots. Flirts with 3,000 points and he does a very good start and good background. And if you do, basically, is that Apple will cover their backs. The feeling is unanimous: erased from the memory stick earlier this century, the U.S. technology and are postulated as a safe haven. Who seeks security, invest in Microsoft, Google, in the upcoming actions of Facebook or Apple. Spanish analysts have it clear. "This is a good opportunity to buy technology," says Nicholas Waterman, chief investment officer of Deutsche Bank Private Wealth Management. "All the Nasdaq is advisable," he confirms José Manzanares, a professor at the Institute of Securities Studies (IEB) and director of Capital EAFI Skipper.

Although they all agree on that aspect, that does not mean things will get out shot as always. It outlines some problems with the world of technology. Namely, this is too many of Apple in the Nasdaq 100. The signing of the block already has a 17% volume of the index, a fact that contradicts the most basic investing rules: security is diversification.

What will happen if sales of the iPhone or iPad collapse from one day to the other, they ask analysts. ¿Will last the index then?

"Apple gives you plenty of brightness to the index," says Alejandro Vidal, Department of Banking Market Strategies March. "It is therefore an investment opportunity. However, it is also a risk, because their relative weight is excessive." "The problem with Apple, and especially of its smartphone , which adds five years is monopolizing a large market share, he adds Celso Otero, fund manager at Renta 4 -. But this has happened before. At the time, Motorola was number one. And so was Nokia. And even BlackBerry, much as his leadership had been shorter. That's where fears arise. Will the iPhone lead the future as well as this is leading? ".

The truth is that the weight of the iPhone and the Apple iPad is as intense as the weight of Apple in the Nasdaq 100. The cast is disproportionate. iPhone accounts for 43.5% of Apple's revenue. The iPad tablet, 20% computers, 20%. IPods have lost strength: now account for 7% of their income. "Among the top three account for 83.5% of Apple's revenue, says Otero. If one of these three legs, and especially if it fails iPhone, the project could falter ...".

In media and economic terms, the iPhone has been overwhelming effect. In 2007, a year after its release, the company entered the block $ 630 million annually through sales of iPhone. Now the figure is around 47,060 million ...

Through this flood of data, speech leads to a domino effect. If sales plummet iPhone and iPad (no mistake, it seems unthinkable in the near future) sales slump Apple. And if Apple falls, with 17% in volume in the Nasdaq 100 (worth 72,000 million dollars in 2007, when she weighed 2%, total about 500,000 million today), the index would plunge, much as The following companies are listed as definitive as Microsoft, Oracle, Intel and Qualcomm.

"It's true: it may be that some day the iPhone fall. And if that happened, it would be because there have been a smartphone best-Otero says, a product that would take him ahead. It is also true that the emergence of this new firm could revitalize the index: a new smartphone would have replaced the old. What happens is that the revitalization takes time. does not happen overnight. And in that process, the index had been deflating. " "The Nasdaq raises doubts as such me because of the high weighting of Apple," he insists Vidal.

"Still, this is not a bubble. It has nothing to do with the prick of 2000," interjects Manzanares. Refers to overestimates of the time, early in this century: at that time, Apple was trading 60 times its actual value. "It was total speculation," said Otero. Today, its price remains high, although much closer to its real value: about 12.5%.

Broadly speaking, apart from vagaries of fashion, the future is promising index. "This is one of the least evolved Barquero says. It is global in nature, is present in developed countries and is well exposed in emerging countries. This is one of the fastest growing sectors of benefits."

"All the Nasdaq is advisable," he insists Manzanares. Among other reasons, because the crisis has not beaten the mobile telephony, sales have continued to grow, and that is a global phenomenon. There are iPhone in the U.S., there are in New Delhi and is in Dakar.

The portable phone sets a new record in January

Madrid. (MarketWatch). - A total of 539,599 numbers phones have changed operator in January which is a new record and the trend of 2011 that ended with 5.6 million changes throughout the year, according to data provided today by the Telecommunications Market (CMT).

In the first month of the year also underscores the 266,928 drop in residential fixed lines have been offset by the high 267,547 business sector, who have ended the month with a total fleet of 19,418,515 fixed line numbers.

In mobile telephony have released new numbers 162,992, of which 88,142 were prepaid and 82,901 datacards lines to connect to the computer via mobile phone and postpaid lines have fallen in 8051, while the automatic communication between 7,569 machines have added numbers to 2,528,177.

The month ended with 58,880,647 mobile lines, including automatic communication between machines, 3.2% more than last year.
Telefónica is the only operator that has been lost with the changes porting mobile numbers less than 77,211; while Vodafone has won 4,818, Orange, 19,589; Telstra, 15,557, and network operators with no (virtual), 27,527.

If these data are added to livestock numbers and low, the result is that Vodafone has won 72,290 lines, Telstra, 46,470, and MVNOs, 124,690. Orange has lost 44,180 numbers and Movistar, 44,180.

These results imply that the mark of Telefónica has the 39.89% of the market, Vodafone, 28.25; Orange, a 20.08, Telstra, to 5.25, and the virtual, 6.53%.

Fixed broadband has added 40,363 lines, due to the thrust of the alternative, to have scored 35,450 high. The park is located at the end of January at 11,188,297, 4.7% more than a year ago.
of all new fixed broadband lines, 27,938 are DSL, cable 2519 (2,051,311 total) and 9,906 fiber optic FTTH that has already reached 181,083.

Yahoo! Sues Facebook for violating ten patents

SAN FRANCISCO, 13 (Reuters / EP) The company Yahoo! sued yesterday to Facebook for violating 10 patents that include methods and systems for Internet advertising, in which is the first major legal battle between the two tech giants.

The lawsuit, filed in federal court in California, highlights a significant increase in patent litigation that has already reached the industries of 'smartphones' and 'tablets', as well as technology giants like Apple, Microsoft and Motorola Mobility Holdings. Yahoo! demand follows the announcement of plans to launch a Facebook IPO (IPO) that could give the company a value of around 100,000 million (75,970 million euros).

The spokesman for Facebook , Jonathan Thaw, said the social network has knowledge of the demand through the media. "We are disappointed that Yahoo! , a business partner of Facebook a long time and a company that has been substantially benefited from its partnership with Facebook, has decided to appeal to the courts, "he said.

In an emailed statement, Yahoo! said it is confident he will prevail in court. "Unfortunately, the matter remains unresolved with Facebook, and we are forced to seek redress in federal court," the company said in a statement. Yahoo! said in late February that it was demanding payment of license fees to Facebook for its patents, and that other companies had already agreed to such licensing agreements.

In the lawsuit, Yahoo! said that Facebook was considered "one of the worst performing sites for advertising" before adapting the ideas of Yahoo!. "Mr. Mark Zuckerberg , founder and CEO of Facebook, agreed that the design of Facebook is not new and is based on the ideas of others, "the suit said.

Several companies involved in social networking sites including Facebook, have experienced an increase in patent claims against them as they progress in their process to go public. However, most of these lawsuits have been filed by "patent accumulators" that buy intellectual property rights to extract juice through licensing agreements and so far, none had been submitted by a technology company as important as Yahoo!

The new iPad sweeps before going to market

Apple expects to sell one million units tomorrow, launching the new tablet in ten countries. In Spain not arrive until Friday March 23 | The sale of 'tablets' grew 254% in 2011 and increase by 54% in 2012, according to research firm IDG

Los Angeles (USA), March 14 (EFE). - The third generation of the popular Apple tablet, the iPhone will arrive Friday at the shops Mañan a dozen countries amid unprecedented demand, according to California-based advanced , which could eventually sell over a million units of the device on the day of its release.

Apple confirmed this week that it had exhausted its inventory intended for sale in advance through their website . Is predicted to be repeated the usual queues at the gates of the company stores, which begin shipping new iPhone in the U.S. in the early birds beginning at 8 am.

The tablet will release on Friday in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland and United Kingdom, while customers in countries like Spain or Mexico will have to wait until March 23 to acquire the new tablet: "The consumer response to the new iPhone is unprecedented," said a spokesman for Apple. An analyst at Piper Jaffray & Co. estimates that Apple will sell over 1 million of its new tablets on the same day 16.

Should this forecast, Apple would beat a new record of business. In 2010, the company took a month to exceed one million units sold, a time that was reduced to just one weekend in 2011 after the release of iPad 2. Just as with the iPhone, the iPhone has become a commercial phenomenon and the interest of users is multiplying with every new version.

The tablet will be released in the same price range as did their predecessors: $ 499 in its cheapest version and 829 the most expensive. The new iPhone features a faster processor, a screen with high resolution, improved their cameras to photograph and video recording and compatibility with the 4G mobile Internet network.

The sale of 'tablets' grew 254% in 2011 and increase by 54% in 2012

Worldwide sales of tablets increased 254.12% in 2011, to 68.7 million units sold. The estimate is that 54% increase in 2012, to 106.1 million units sold, according to tech consultancy IDC .

After finding the strength of this market in the fourth quarter, and the strong demand expected for 2012, IDG has increased its previous sales estimates for this year by 21% to. The previous forecasts were at the 87.7 million units. In the fourth quarter, sales of 'tablets' amounted to 28.2 million units sold worldwide, representing a growth of 56.1%.

IDC has stated that despite the "impressive" debut of Amazon, which sold 4.7 million Fire Kindle , Apple continued to experience strong quarterly growth, with sales of 15.4 million units in the last quarter, compared with 11.1 million units the previous quarter, representing a market share of 54.7% worldwide.

In Europe, the fastest growing market where the iPhone is the Reido Kingdom (115% dentre February 2011 and January 2012), followed by France (95%), Italy (75%), Germany (50%) and Spain (37%), according to comScore .

For its part, Amazon stood at second with a market share of 16.8% followed by Samsung, with a share of 5.8% in the last quarter of 5.5% over the previous quarter.

Four students of robotics champions can not contest the world finals for 9,000 euros

The youths, Sant Pere de Torello, can not afford to go to the U.S. | Young people have spent seven months in the design of a magnifying glass water treatment.

Four boys from Sant Pere de Torello are a step of keeping honey on the lips. After passing the qualifying Catalan team Pamplona The Santperencs swept a couple of weekends, in the Spanish round of the First Lego League, a robotics world championship organized by the popular brand of toys. The adolescents gained from this Thus, establishing itself among a lot of schools and colleges dumps with their equipment, the right to travel to the U.S. within months and participate in the finals of this tournament aimed at promoting scientific talent among the young. The problem of kids in the Osona do not have enough money to cross the pond. So settle for participating in the European version of the competition in Germany, because it is cheaper. "I says Matthew Daniel, the leader of The Santperencs , the largest of the group, which already has sixteen years as I have learned from this whole experience is that the effort, good work, perseverance ... always worth it, just coming to fruition and results.

"The other members of the group, Marc Famada, Biel Jimenez and Thomasz Sydor, every twelve years, are also unable to be disappointed. "Surely in Germany we are also an incredible level and learn a lot, continues Daniel. addition, the United States and were last year, and it was great. There are NASA scouts looking for talent. And you can manage unmanned military robots. The truth is we did not expect to win again and win a second time and was a reward in itself, quite a recognition. " Yes, The Santperencs and the Americas did last year, and despite the intimidating and pompous that there was any, were tenth in the world. They became ambassadors of their small town. Heat after heat, were imposed on dozens of seasoned teams in the laboratories of their institutions, supported by their cloisters ...

Then the de Sant Pere with Lego bricks designed a mechanical arm that can operate remote warts, thanks to a webcam. The free time of the last seven months the kids were dedicated to the design of a magnifying glass water treatment , without more help than that of the sun's rays can boil water in less than an hour. The idea is to apply it in the third world. The competition theme this year is food hygiene. The Higher Technical School of Industrial Engineers of Barcelona d'have been invited to give a talk. defrayed Last year the trip dodging a breadbox and with the support of various public institutions in the area and with the help of the sponsors of the event. But as explained by Charles Matthew, the father of Daniel, a retired postman who manages to tutor the kids, "although sponsors are helping us a lot, much as in 2011, and again give two thousand euros, This year things are much worse.

"And although it is possible that a group of traders in the region will yield a computer to navigate back to the basket, and perhaps even a ham, it seems that the final collection covers only stay in Germany. "Between tickets, transportation and material-hotels calculate Carlos in a unit of the former municipal library, where the group has its own laboratory-the German option we would go for about 4,500 euros, and yes I think we can assume with the help of all families of the kids ... But is that the U.S. is double, and parents as we are very normal people, humbly. "

Retrotecnología: the triumph of modern appliances looking 'vintage'

No, not all electronics brands struggle to launch the thinnest TV screen, or the more sophisticated stereo. For more people, it is delightful daze a little smart phone ( smartphone ), by installing a music player that takes us back to days of analog music: as sung by Radio Futura (thirty years), the future is already here, but may be more helpful if you dress up in old .

IPhone or cassette?

Apple's phone, for many, synonymous with modernity, also has a retro face. For example through a rubber boot. We are seeing more cases, in addition to protect the unit, to mimic old cassette tape , the kind that were invented in 1963 and put music our youth, our shelves filled embarullaron student and the glove compartment of our first car. This is a simple costume: for just over 10 euros , the modern mobile becomes, seen from behind, on one of those legendary TDK, Maxell and BASF.

To complement this, nothing better to install a retro software. One application, called That's my jam , makes the display of the mobile or iPhone in an old cassette player . How? The control keys mimic old buttons, and see how a virtual tape moves before our eyes. Another fun application is Calcopac , you enter on our phone one of those old calculators , Casio style, someone who always gave First Communion.

Enough? For many, no. Because the phone is used mainly for talking. And that is iDial and a retro handset universal: the first is an app that allows us to dial numbers in the old way, by moving your finger to dial with melancholy, and the second one we have seen Lenny Kravitz and more and more people down the street: the famous earpiece becomes a full color handset, such as holding the girl in the picture.

In the fifty

Fascinated by series like Mad Men, many have fallen rendered the so-called vintage chic , which calls for decorating the houses in the style of the fifties . To achieve this, lamps, sofas or chairs are not enough: perhaps the final touch comes through a television classic look or a retro stereo misleading.

If you want the first, visit the website of Predicta ( ) will keep the mouth open. The brand uses modern technology and compatible with any current peripheral, but advocates a futuristic aesthetic ... half a century ago.

As for the sound to the big brands to look askance designs for decades. Sony, for example, has in its catalog several new models (take a look at the SRF-18 and XDR-S16DBP ) with more than casual resemblance to the radio when we were kids. It is not the only one: the Teac SL-D900 seems from another era, but includes a CD player and USB input, and pages of gifts on the Internet as offer dozens of vintage stereo

Images of the past

We still have the picture: teaching chambers filled with buttons, menus and options is no longer cool . A few years ago, seduced complexity: now takes the simple, basic and sturdy.

The cameras also have the appearance of old models good example are some new camera models, as presented throughout the years by reference marks. Fuji has in its catalog number. The X-Pro 1 offers all the advantages of current technology, but its appearance is that of the cameras with which our fathers immortalized our vacation . In two other cameras of the same brand, the FinePix X100 and its little brother the X10 , supports a long history of trade, Olympus has just demonstrated the OM-D MS-5 and many dream of getting the beautiful Leica X1 .

Do you remember Polaroid ? Yes, the very famous brand of instant cameras is still fighting to survive more than the available 300 . See if is cool, that is responsible for its aesthetics, nothing more and nothing less than Lady Gaga .

Thailand closes 5,000 sites in three months to protect the king's image

Authorities Thai blocked during the last three months access to over 5,000 sites or sites of Internet to consider grievances containing the monarchy, police said this week.

Blocking these web pages is part of the campaign by the Thai government to protect the image of King Bhumibol Adulyadej and members of the Royal Family, which is also covered by the law of "treason" .

The police spokesman, General Piya Utayo, said at a news conference that the special brigade closed the thousands of locations in the first quarter for "inappropriate and insulting" , but said, without giving figures, the number of pages with this content type has declined over the previous year.

In November last year, the Thai authorities sought help from the social network Facebook to eliminate over 10,000 sites with content deemed offensive to the monarchy, as stated by the Ministry of Information and Communication.

The number of prosecutions brought by the alleged crime of "treason" has soared in recent years to more than several hundred, when the 90's barely a dozen denounced as Group Awareness Section 112, organization that campaigns against the use of this law.

Several groups of group intellectual Thais have spoken against the law of "treason" and order that can be discussed constructively on the monarchy, but the government has rejected any reform in this regard

Since entering into force until January 2011, the number of sites blocked by the courts using the Act, amounted to 75,000 , including 57,330 for contents against the monarchy, according to a report by the Thammasat University in Bangkok.

Friday, March 2, 2012

There comes a smart floor

Can you imagine a city where streets are digital ? With the Smart Way, more than 50,000 citizens and tourists who walk every day for the city center may receive information tourist and commercial area with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth : city maps, maps of public transport, access to entertainment or information about events and more. All these digital services come from a "virtual cloud" installed on the pavement.

The City of Madrid and ASEPI (Innovative Business Group Smart Pavement Spain) presented the first such installation in the Puerta del Sol consists of a natural stone pavement made ​​of calcium carbonate that integrates all the electronic equipment necessary for the digital services. It also incorporates a podotáctil routing adapted to the blind.

This initiative aims to make ASEPI Spanish cities in pioneering digital pavement and create a smart city model exportable to the rest of the world.

China tested a train capable of traveling at 500 kilometers per hour

The China Railway Construction CSR has just launched its first train test capable of reaching 500 kilometers per hour , the highest speed attained by these vehicles, as reported by Xinhua news agency. The new series of CRH (China Railway High Speed, for its acronym in English), is gray, has six cars and has a capacity of 22,800 kilowatts , compared to 9,600 kilowatts of current "CRH380 bullet train", which reaches over 300 kilometers per hours. The technical manager of the company, Sansan Ding says that this device is super-fast "was inspired by an ancient Chinese sword," and that the plastic body of the vehicle is reinforced with carbon fiber. For the Asian country, the expansion of this kind of transportation is of great importance in the economic, cultural and social development of different regions.

Nanotechnology to turn your mobile phone submersible

A Southern California company has created Liquipel , one of the most revolutionary inventions for smartphones . It is a chemical protector, manufactured using tiny nanoparticles , which isolates the circuits and other components of the mobile phones of any liquid that may fall on the apparatus. Thus, claim to have achieved one of the most common accidents with any gadget, get wet-no longer a concern for users. According to its creators, the terminal continues to operate normally when falling into a pool or a river . It is not a housing or a physical barrier, but a treatment that apply to your own only in the company headquarters Liquipel. The isolation of the phone has a cost ranging from 47 to 62 euros depending on the type of transport by which the device is sent to the offices and for it to be delivered back to the user. Devices from HTC, Motorola, Apple and Samsung are those who, for the moment, you may receive this treatment.

Arrival of the first magnetic soap

Scientists at the University of Bristol (United Kingdom) iron salts dissolved in a liquid to create a new soap that can be controlled by magnets . The discovery could be used to manufacture revolutionary products of household and industrial cleaning and to remove oil stains from the oceans and to treat contaminated water , among other applications. To obtain the magnetic soap, the researcher Julian Eastoe and colleagues dissolved iron in a soap rich liquid chlorine and bromine , similar to that used in products in mouthwash or fabric softeners. The traditional soap dissolves dirt, grease and other chemicals, but does not eliminate the environment. However, applying a magnetic field the magnetic soap, the debris that accumulates can be attracted and removed completely. Although Eastoe had tried to create soaps sensitive to light, temperature and pressure, this new method appears to be magnets more effective for controlled cleaning of any means or surface, by activating or deactivating the magnets.

Virtual Reality through bionic contact lenses

Imagine being able to check email without a screen? This science fiction could become a reality, thanks to contact lenses bionic that will receive computerized information directly into the eyes. These modern contact lenses have been developed by researchers at the Universities of Washington and Aalto (Finland), and although still in prototype stage, have already been tested in rabbits without showing adverse effects.

The lenses, which have many applications in the development of devices for computers and virtual reality will also be very useful in the field of health. As he explained to SINC Praviz Baba, one of the researchers on the project, the device "could also have medical applications such as biosensors connection to provide information on levels of glucose and lactose."

For transmit images directly in the eye, the energy emitted by the source is contained in a circuit that transmits a transparent sapphire chip. So far, the lens contains only one pixel and the team also works to shorten the focal length so that the projections are not perceived by the eye is blurred. It also notes Praviz, "the next goal is the incorporation of a standard text in the contact lens."

Glasses to replace the computer and the mobile

In the future need not look down at your computer or mobile device, because we can see all the information through glasses. Robocop style This technology is not science fiction, many companies are already working on it. Some of them presented their progress at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (USA), a huge market where small and large companies give their ideas and innovations in electronics.
One of the prototypes of glasses, presented by the company Lumus Optics (Tel Aviv, Israel), gets the images from a computer or mobile device via Bluetooth. Ari Grobman, company manager, told Technology Review of the multiple possibilities offered by these technologies. For example, adding a camera to goggle systems could be used facial recognition as those who already use Facebook and Google that helps users in tasks like tagging photos. 

For its part, the company Vuzic (Rochester, New York), has developed an industrial version designed to work like overlapping planes of a machine in the vision of a mechanic. The device is very useful in facilitating the work of any technical support team, they will be able to obtain images in your field of vision to guide them.

Other companies are working on augmented reality applications, similar to those that already exist in some smartphones . Aurasma, a division of Autonomy software company, has developed a device that can recognize images of reference and add virtual 3D objects. It is also possible to recognize hand gestures, which facilitates the interactivity of virtual content in smart glasses. 
much more futuristic, the Smart Goggles Sensics Company (Columbia, USA) covering the eyes and ears of a person and completely immerse you in a virtual world 3D . This is possible thanks to 11 mobile phone cameras and a video screen in front of each eye. 

In the not too distant future this type of innovation will change things so much that he said Matt Mills, a member of Aurasma, the most often to get information is through smart glasses need to go to a web browser Internet , as this procedure is much faster than even take a photo.

Nokia launches smartphone with a 41-megapixel supercámara

The Nokia 808 Pure View, the first mobile technology that gives it its name, is the "bombshell" of the Finnish company at MWC

Nokia has just published its strategy for 2012. New devices based on Windows Mobile , improved terminal and a classic "monster" , the Nokia 808 Pure View, with a 41-megapixel camera.

On the one hand, the Finnish firm has expanded its range with the new Benjamin Lumia family, the Lumia 610 . Furthermore, today announced the arrival in Europe of 900 Lumia , an evolution of Lumia 800 with 4.3-inch screen and long battery life, announced in January at CES and so far only sold in the United States.

The Lumia 610 will be available in four colors, will cost € 189, and is expected to begin shipping in the second quarter of 2012.

But the real bombshell came with the new Nokia 808 Mashed View , the first smartphone technology with which it is named and that in the traditional Carl Zeiss optics, adds a high resolution sensor of 41 megapixels. The result is truly spectacular. The terminal also also can record CD-quality sound and playing video at 1080p . This is possible thanks to the technology Recording Richter, included in PureView.

LG Optimus 4x HD

The MWC has also served as a stage for the debut of the LG Optimus 4X HD, with the performance of a desktop computer, but on a mobile. Combines power and high-definition screen. It is the first smartphone from LG Quad-Core processor. Give the latest version of NVIDIA Tegra 1.5GHz 3 in a display True HD IP. About consumers experience mobile multimedia HD format.

The NVIDIA Tegra 3 is the only mobile processor quad-core technology 4-PLUS-1. It is created to have a high-level multimedia performance while using one fifth core for control and battery saving, which is responsible for less demanding tasks such as active standby and music player. At full capacity, the graphics processing unit (GPU) on Tegra 3 ensures a great experience on a visual level and can play with the same quality standards as a console.

True HD IPS screen ensures the best viewing experience with high resolution, clearly and without distortion of color and form. It also includes an internal memory of 16 GB and incorporates the latest version of Android OS, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. It also has a camera with an 8 megapixel sensor BSI (Backside Illumination) with LED flash.

The finish is elegant. With a thickness of only 8.9 mm, has a design "prism-edged", a bevel on the side designed with micro, which provides the same aesthetic effect that some high-end watches.

LG says goodbye to the 3D glasses

In the path of smartphone 3D glasses LG launched last year, the company has taken advantage of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona to present the LG Optimus 3D Max , with a powerful 3D technology and a sleeker design. It offers a complete entertainment platform 3D without glasses . It is "bringing entertainment to the highest level" in the words of Park Jong-seok, president of LG.

Boasts a superb performance with cutting edge of latest technology. It is a powerful smartphone, both in 2D and 3D. Its unique display shows brilliant colors. The 3G network speed has been increased to HSPA + 21Mbps. LG Tag + redefines NFC (Near Field Communication) to promote a more practical use. Another advantage is the automatic change settings by creating predefined tags that are customized in some modes, such as car-mode, mode-mode-office or sleep. Depending on the location, the labels will automatically adjust to various phone settings such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS or sound volume.

It has True 3D Entertainment features improved compatibility with 2D-3D. Users can convert Google Earth, Google Maps and other applications to 3D Converter 3D with improved. Photos and videos taken with the LG Optimus 3D Max can be enjoyed in "single-screen" in 2D, 3D, thanks to the key located on one side of the phone, allowing you to easily move from 2D to 3D.

The design starts from the premise of maintaining the essential and eliminate the superfluous. With only 9.6 mm thick and weighing 148 grams, his body, with metal edges and rounded, incorporates the best features 3D. It also includes unique 3D style icons that are customized with photos of the users through the Icon Customizer.

The MWC has also served to present the future benefits that will be available through software updates or applications in SmartWorld LG:

- Converter HD for HD quality on a TV connected via MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link), transforming OpenGL games and applications 2D to 3D, and viewing of Google Earth in three dimensions.

- Range Finder to find the distance between camera and subject, but also the dimensions of an object through triangulation.

- Shot Out-focusing, which improves the quality of the camera.

The LG Optimus 3D Max will launch first in Korea in March and will gradually in other markets. The device will receive an upgrade to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich from Android 2.3 Gingerbread shortly after launch.

ASUS presents its PadFone and new tablets

Jonney Shih, Chairman of ASUS , has introduced the revolutionary PadFone and new ASUS tablets at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona . "Now is the time that any screen can become a gateway to your digital world in real time," Shih said as he introduced the ASUS PadFone, a device that thanks to the sophisticated accessories (PadFone PadFone Station and Dock Station) is able to deliver the functionality of a smartphone, tablet and a laptop.

The ASUS PadFone is a smartphone that features a Super AMOLED QHD, the new dual-core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon S4, an 8 MP camera with ultra-sharp image processor and Fuji. The optimized design is aimed at the Android 4.0 operating system from Google. When attached to the Station PadFone optional tablet becomes a 10.1 ", multiply by 5 and autonomy allowed to use the oversized screen PadFone Station.

ASUS also made ​​available to users a docking keyboard that allows transform it into an ultraportable laptop. It also offers the PadFone Headset Stylus , a stylus Bluetooth acts as a wireless headset.

ASUS has also presented its latest tablet sector. Next to the famous Prime Transformer , premiered the Infinity Transformer and Series ASUS Transformer 300. Prime Transformer

Prime Transformer
ASUS has created a new concept in 2011 with the TF101, a product that besides providing content allowed their creation. It is a tool for entertainment. Designed for users with dynamic, the Transformer Prime features an ultra-slim finish with metallic concentric weighs only 586G, has a screen Super IPS + with 600 nits allowing outdoor use and is also the first tablet quad-core support AndroidTM 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS).

It presents a range of 12 hours, but if the keyboard is coupled Docking extends its range to 18 hours. It also incorporates ASUS SonicMaster technology, which extends the frequency response offers improved vocal range and reproduces a crisp, lifelike sound. 1.2MP front camera enables video conference and later with 8MP features an LED flash, autofocus, illuminated CMOS sensor, touch control depth of field, aperture F2.4 and noise reduction for environments with limited lighting .

Infinity Transformer
The series includes the first Transformer tablets Infinity Full HD, 4G LTE/3G/Wi-Fi. With a screen 1920 x 1200 Full HD + Super IPS with 600 nits of brightness and sound progress SonicMaster technology, ensure a portable theater experience without compromise. To deal with possible accidents, the series features the second generation of resistant glass Corning ® Gorilla ® 2.

4G LTE model has the new dual-core Snapdragon Qualcomm MSM 8960 S4 and is able to provide an upload speed of 50Mbps data and 100Mbps download. The 2MP camera front allows you to perform video conferencing and back, with 8MP, has a lens with 5 elements, F2.2 aperture and an LED flash that makes taking photos even in darkness. The thickness is only 8.5mm and carries a concentric metallic finish.

Transformer Pad 300
Designed for lovers of the latest trends, Transformer Series 300 is available in blue, white and red. 4G LTE model is the first quad-core tablet with 4G connectivity LTE / 3G / Wi-Fi. It also has the NVIDIA ® Tegra ® 3 and SonicMaster audio enhancements, ensuring a streamlined experience for gaming and browsing online. 1.2MP front camera enables video conference and later with 8MP features an LED flash, a lens with 5 elements and aperture F2.2. The Transformer 300 has a battery life of 10 hours extending to 15 hours when docked to the keyboard docking.

Apple unveiled the iPhone 3 on March 7

The technology company Apple announced Tuesday the conclusion of an event in San Francisco on March 7 in which it looks like it was unveiling the new version of its popular "tablet" iPad from which the details are still unknown.

Apple sent an invitation which summoned reporters that they should come next week at the Yerba Buena Arts Center in the center of the Californian city. In the call only sees an image of an iPhone screen with the day 7 March in the calendar marked with the following message: "We really have something to do. And touch. "

The company, true to form, avoided further the contents of the presentation, but it is assumed that revolve around the device and popularly called iPad 3. Both 2010 and 2011, Apple spent his first event of the year to talk about his revolutionary "tablet" with the idea that novelty hits the market between March and April.

The U.S. media speculate that the new iPhone is equipped with the same clarity of display the latest versions of iPhone, a definition called Retina Display, best cameras for photo and video , and the possibility of 4G connection.

Windows 8 now available for download

Steven Sinofsky, president of Windows, was responsible for introducing the new operating system. Windows 8 is for tablets and computers, but Microsoft has presented at a trade show dedicated to mobile phones. It is a sign of the cross between live equipment. All manufacturers of hardware and software they want to have a solution to send the rest. Microsoft has been the last to arrive, but it has done with the muscle that characterizes the computer giant.

"We challenged ourselves to make the best of computers and mobile world," Steven Sinofsky started. Presentation broken down into three areas: operating system, applications (the term "program" should sound viejuno) and the products debuting Windows 8. "We started from scratch a platform to reach a new level of functionality," he said. Since September more than 100,000 have made changes while they are unveiled to the press, published a website to download the new operating system at no cost: will be in English, German, French, Japanese and Chinese. Although the world premiere was in Barcelona, ​​is not, for now, either in Spanish or Catalan.

The manager said, as he often does Apple, which will be "easier for everyone. All activity will be at a glance. Nice, fast and give a seamless experience. " A new feature is the connection to the cloud. The user has a profile to store your files, preferences and interface programs.

To display the new square-based interface, called Metro, spoke Julie Larson-Green, Vice President of Windows, and Antoine Leblond, vice president of Web services. Besides showing how they appear on the cover message notifications, battery status and agenda, once it enters the browser sends fingers. Navigation bar disappears. You are on the bottom, hidden. The content of the website is in full screen. The videos also go well. There have forgotten your console Xbox 360. Launch games catering for both platforms.

The move from application to application, with a wave at the edges of the screen with your thumb, almost immediately. At least in the tablet Larson-Green was used in the presentation.

Especially liked the audience, analysts, journalists and some manufacturers invited by Microsoft, how to add content in social networks. You can have open the Facebook application, drag a finger lightly on the left side of the screen to access what you have open and drag and drop to share with contacts. Whether a photo, video or a link. Attach emails also become that simple.

Antoine Leblond focused on the computer. With a ultrabook of Lenovo hue why he did: "Touch screens are great for large objects and gestures. The mouse is best to do more careful. " One notable change is the management process that improves. Taught how to see the graph of the transfer of a file on a jig.

Who has not touched the computer screen in the office?, Said Larson-Green to teach how to use a touch screen computer. "The applications are better than web pages," he added.

The cloud is present. Whenever you look for a file, you access both local and Skydrive storage, the service of the house, or if fotos.La Photobucket app store will be integrated, as is customary in the AppStore and Android Market, the computer be thematic. During the trial period, all free.

In the most technical aspect showed the first tablets that work with new processors. Nvidia and Qualcomm will begin to include their products in tablet and Windows computers.

One of the issues that caused the failure of Windows Vista was the lack of drivers for peripherals. Sinofsky noted that seconds will connect any printer, screen, keyboard or mouse. The company that runs Steve Ballmer can not fail again in the world of laptops.

Intel did not forget and ultrabooks. The second generation of them, equipped with the processor will start Ivy Bridge in under 10 seconds. One of the examples was a HP Envy computer, with a housing, such as mobile phones, difficult to scratch, made ​​with Gorilla Glass. The laptop manufacturers seem to have taken the arrival of Windows 8 and the unstoppable success of MacBook Air to begin to spoil the design.

Sinofsky closed with a summary of the characteristics of the new operating system: "The more applications you have, the better the experience." He stressed that work on both small and large screens and will be the best choice for home and work. The old dream of Microsoft's entertainment and business unite in one unit.

The Redmond company took chest with two different devices. One extremely large: a 80-inch screen capable of responding to orders of up to 100 fingers at once, and a computer with dual core processor to fit in the palm of the hand. Only had to connect keyboard and screen. As powerful as a desktop high-end, but ready to carry in your pocket. "All shapes and sizes are used to Windows 8," he said Sinofsky.

Before Windows 8 hits the market, Microsoft will be shelling more about your browser Explorer 10, which will by default connect to their phones and devices compatible with their new platform.

Nokia launches Lumia 610, the cheapest of its mobile ready with Windows

Nokia, the mobile giant that last fair bet that Windows 7 has introduced a new batch of phones with this operating system. The first major presentation of a manufacturer on Monday has been dominated by design and desire to open up to new audiences. Nokia has focused n avoiding technical experiences, processors and details of hardware .

Before an audience among expectant and delivered, Nokia has shown its new handsets. The Lumia 900, which is already in the United States and was presented at CES, coming to Europe with Skype preinstalled. Its price is 480 euros free. Lumia Model 610, somewhat below the current 710, focused on music, will cost 189 euros. It will be a mid-range phone but with a set price that similar end Android. The company has risen to its website a video where you can see the features of this new phone.

Stephen Elop, CEO of the company, has announced Asha models, intended for an audience with less purchasing power in emerging and developing a way to keep the places where most recognized brand. They also want to land in China, where they believe it may grow by 60%.

Nokia has closed the presentation with a new sounding past: Nokia 808 Pure View, a phone with Symbian, its previous operating system, and a sensor of 41 megapixels. Far superior not only competence, but also usual for the cameras. The doubts not only reside in the fluidity of the apparatus, the time between photos and the future of the platform, but also the need not to fill storage with few snapshots. It will cost 450 euros and the optics is the German Carl Zeiss is synonymous with quality.

All Nokia phones come in the second half of the year.

Poor countries require cheap mobile

"In developing countries easier than one person has access to a mobile to a toilet." The phrase is from the GSMA, the association of operators around the world and the vast sums off of mobile telephony in the poorest countries and its popularity, beyond any basic service.

As an example of that push, over the next five years, Internet traffic through IP will be multiplied by seven in Latin America, with the highest global rate of annual growth (+48%). Developing countries have surpassed developed countries in number of smart phones (smartphones), advanced today as President of Telefónica Latin America, Santiago Fernandez Valbuena, who participated in the roundtable strategy operators in developing markets, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

 Sunil Mittal, chairman of Bharti Airtel, an Indian company in 19 countries in Asia and Africa, said it is imperative to find ways to prover low cost smartphone to emerging markets to ensure that development does not stop.

 In the same vein, Fernandez Valbuena said the availability of these terminals at prices around $ 100 is a challenge that will further open the market, and in which Telefónica is already taking steps. The company believes that in these countries may be better segmented products and packages for use in place of unlimited flat rates.

Telefonica, which is leading the revolution in Latin America data business with more than 24 million broadband connections in the region, estimates that the average growth technology market expected to remain nearly 8% per year (over GDP) . "Broadband (fixed and mobile) will be the main source of growth in the coming years," said Fernandez Valbuena.

The manager believes that the current competitive environment in the ICT sector in the world will change dramatically with the explosion of emerging markets. The data support this "revolution" in emerging countries. In fact, Latin America an estimated 10% increase in penetration of broadband generates increases of 3.2% in GDP and productivity growth of 2.6%. Telefónica has set a goal in 2013 to almost triple the current BAM access and mobile data involving one third of mobile service revenues.

Meanwhile, Jo Lunder, CEO of VimpelCom, a Dutch company that operates in many developing countries from former Soviet republics to Pakistan and Burundi, insisted on the same forum that investment in the mobile industry has a multiplier effect on growth and employment in poor countries than in developed ones.

Lunder said that, contrary to what is happening in the West, emerging markets the mobile screen and not the computer let alone that of the tablet is the first Internet access. So, agreed with Mittal that the phone is the opportunity to develop mobile financial services, especially targeted to unbanked segments or the e-Health solutions in these countries who otherwise could not have banking or health care.

Viruses are hooked to mobile

A bomb in his pocket. It's what we have become the smartphone as specialists and security firms gathered for the first time at the fair in Barcelona to discuss the dangers of mobile as a new source of scams and attacks. And his conclusion seems unanimous: Android is a real security loophole.

"Android is not that technologically worse, is simply a problem of neglect by Google. It has been necessary protective measures and above has the largest market share. The threat is real and serious, "says Rick Ferguson, research director at Trend Micro, who points out further that the malware on mobile phones has grown by 1,400% in recent months and could reach 130,000 malicious code at the end of 2012.

The last case occurred just this week in France, where police have arrested two suspected mobile Android 2,000 infected with the Trojan Foncy. SMS sending program without user authorization, a technique that criminals have pocketed more than 100,000 euros.

"People know they can not have a PC with no protection but that conviction has not reached the phone. And the danger is the same, almost no difference between a computer and a smartphone. Indeed, in the future there will be no home computers, tablets and mobile only. Android will be the main focus of attack at home, Windows will remain at the company, "says Eugene Kaspersky of Russia, founder of Kaspersky Labs

Between 2005 and 2010 were detected in less than 1,200 worldwide attacks of malware on mobile, but now that figure is well over a month. "It's an exponential growth," said Kaspersky. According to the firm, 75% of viruses on smartphones are discovered on Android devices. Then comes Symbian and Windows Phone. IOS barely on the map, despite having a market share below some Android.

Among the threats there are to choose from. It is possible to create a mobile infiltrate botnets and launch denial of service (DDoS) to knock down webs. Applications are another major focus. Just hide a virus in a game or a productivity program to infiltrate the mobile to download it. Once inside, the Trojan can divert banking transactions, made ​​with all the information stored on your computer (email, contacts, photos) or send SMS to numbers premium without your knowledge.

It is estimated that a cybercriminal can earn between 1,500 and 4,000 euros a day engaging phones. In Russia recently amassed over a million dollars in a scam SMS with Trojan Alphawap. Alarming figures, which flows into the eternal debate: if the problem is so bad, why even security firms generate business just to sell security software on the phone? Is it a real or inflated by the interests of the sector?

Chris DiBona, chief of free software programs from Google, is clear: "The security companies try to scare people to sell protection on Android, RIM or IOS. They are charlatans and swindlers, they should be ashamed of themselves, "recently wrote in with your Google Account +.

Ferguson, Trend Micro, adjusts her hair, tattoos and scratches take a laugh. "Google is the one who should be ashamed. The proof that Android is not safe Bouncer, your new system to monitor applications. Even works well, "he says.

It's true. Yago Jesus, security specialist, developed a few hours last week in a simple program with erotic pictures, he infiltrated a Trojan, hung it on the Android Market and, surprise, was published without problems. "If you descargabas it, the phone was completely at our mercy. We could access all content or even record your conversations remotely without you found out, "says Yago Jesus. Google took nearly 24 hours to remove. "That in IOS is more difficult to occur, is a very closed environment. Android is just the opposite. "

The use of social networks on the fly, messaging services like WhatsApp, which processes 2,000 million messages a day, or payment systems such as Google Wallet, turns the phone into a juicy target. Nigel Stanley, security analyst at Bloor Research believes the problem is huge. "The interest is emerging among the community of hackers to compromise mobile is worrisome, "he says.

Garlati Cesare, director of Trend Micro, also indicates that the threats on the phone very soon affect businesses. An added incentive for cybercriminals. "If confidential information on mobile phones and tablets is compromised, companies could lose millions. And that's happening, "he says.

Yago Jesus doubt that security firms to contain the problem, at least for now. "It's like a carpenter to put a glass melt, have no expertise in mobility, criminals are ahead," he says. Garlati nervous arms waving, to the Italian. "Nonsense, we already have many experts and ficharemos more. We are winning the war on the PC, we will win the mobile phone. "

The new Google privacy policy comes into effect today

The new Google privacy policy , with which the company says it wants to facilitate the user's activity , making it simple and intuitive, and keeping the same controls, has entered into force on Thursday. One of the major changes of the measure is that the user will have a unique profile compared with those who had different now different services, like social networks or programs of geographic location.

The European Commissioner for Justice has asked leave to suspend its new policy of Google's new policy has generated much discussion , and just this week the European justice commissioner, Viviane Reding has asked the Internet giant to leave in abeyance the new rules Privacy. According to the authorities of the European Commission, the new Google's privacy policy does not comply with European legislation on data protection. By contrast, Google reiterates that its new policy will bring benefits to the user , and insists on Thursday in his blog that has not changed any of the existing privacy principles, or how to treat the personal information shared outside the company. Google states that they are not picking up "any new or additional users. not sell your personal data. And we will continue using our industry-leading security to keep the information secure. "

Advantages and disadvantages of electric cars

A few days ago we had the opportunity to visit the facilities of Endesa where among other things showed us their prototypes and test electric cars . Electric vehicles despite being clearly the future of cars are still at a very early stage of development, almost primitive. Maybe that's why ...the transition through hybrid vehicles is becoming a choice of relative success. One of the most intriguing is estimated to cost approximately € 2 per 100 km which is in most cases less than half of its equivalent in fossil fuel. But when thinking about buying an electric car to be taken into account many other factors.

Cost savings in fuel costs
Ecology and environmental care. Less pollution and waste.
Reduction of noise pollution
Much lower maintenance and economic
Tax advantages in purchasing
And a particularly interesting and little known: the possibility of using car batteries as batteries / electricity distributors to spread the load power plants

Higher initial cost of acquisition
Low autonomy of movement
System not yet standardized electrical outlets
Low charging infrastructure
Narrow range of models
Expensive domestic Chargers

Monday, January 23, 2012

A wireless mouse without batteries

The independence of the cables is something that many users would not hesitate for a second to claim, but despite the increased autonomy that the batteries have been recorded in recent times, eventually leaving us at a critical time. It is not the first time we heard about a wireless mouse that requires no batteries, but the good news here is that the people of Genius has launched the DX-ECO BlueEye Mouse . How long do you need to load? Only three minutes.

Not having to deal with cables has great appeal, not to mention the aesthetic benefits that occur between certain computers. However, a golden rule is that wireless devices will know when the batteries have run out at exactly the time when you need to use them. But if the idea of ​​a battery-free wireless mouse grabs your attention, here's a different one.

This is the DX-ECO BlueEye Genius Mouse . You can choose the resolution between 800 and 1600 dpi, has a total of seven buttons, and uses a USB receiver peak, so you will not fight looking for a special position for the receiver (plug in a USB port front is certainly ideal but connected to a USB extender is also somewhat viable). It has an operating range of fifteen feet, and the recharge is through micro-USB cable included. The DX-ECO Mouse BlueEye only requires a charge time of three minutes, thanks to a so-called "golden capacitor" built-in mouse. This capacitor provides a maximum of one hundred thousand recharges , a number well above the amount of recharges batteries.

For 31 euros
The price is $ 40 U.S. (31 €), a reasonable sum. The user must not constantly recharge or have spare batteries installed ready when they run out. But more important is the recharge time. There are only three minutes, so you can go to steal something from the kitchen to chew or comply with a typical "biological commitment," and find the mouse fully charged when you return to your computer. When using a USB receiver there should be no compatibility issues, but does not mention support for Linux.

The iPad can be reached by March 3

Well, it seems that is beginning to be more specific about the iPad3 . As reported in Bloomberg, the new Apple device will be announced in March, and will, among other improvements, with a new quad-core processor .

According to three different sources, the device would already be in production and most of the initial units to be fabricated in February, just in time for a release just a month later. The tablets come from Foxconn , a leading provider of Apple in China, and the factory would already be working around the clock, before the "crisis" will suffer during the upcoming Chinese New Year celebration.

In terms of performance and features, managed by Bloomberg sources are not too specific, but do offer important clues. For one thing, the screen will have a much higher definition than the current iPhone. In fact, you have many more pixels than HD TVs than there currently on the market.

According to one of the experts consulted, "the new screen pixels are so small that it seems that the images are printed on it."

Extraordinary power
There is also talk of a quad core, that is, four cores , while the current standard, with one exception of Asus, is the dual core. The processor of the new iPad would give him extraordinary power . This characteristic, along with a new graphics processor, the videos would be opened "almost instantly".

Another novelty is that the new iPhone would be compatible with LTE , the next step in 3G mobile and begin to unfold in the coming years. It is curious that Apple chooses to incorporate LTE in tablet rather than the iPhone. The reason, says Bloomberg, lies in the battery. The iPhone has a bigger battery and more capable than the iPhone. And LTE is a technology that needs more energy than the current 3G.

Alienware X51, the computer console format

Anyone who follows closely the evolution of hardware components is well known that not only are becoming more powerful, but also getting smaller. The introduction of reduced size format has opened the door to countless projects of "modding", but also finished products and ready to use. Alienware has led to the end to some of its settings for laptops, but when you see the X51 , the first thought is that it is a console.

On several occasions I thought that if he were to pose my paws on an Xbox 360 , the first thing I do is install your hardware in a computer casing. No need to remember the many problems that Microsoft's console suffered at the hands of poor cooling, let alone the famous "Red Ring of Death" , courtesy of welds of poor quality, among other things. For now, Xbox 360 is not within my planned purchases, but the format encouraged both my ideas and those of many enthusiasts. Some of them have been modified extensively to the console, but others decided to work from a similar size with the aim of installing computer hardware. The format Mini-ITX has been a blessing, and there are motherboards you can install some components are very powerful.

On the other hand, you can use a ready-to-use alternative systems such as the X51 Alienware recently introduced. Alienware X51 dimensions are 343 mm in its upper part, by 95 mm wide and 318 mm deep, slightly larger than the first Xbox 360 format (309 by 83 by 258 mm). Your configuration may have some modifications according to the budget of the user. You may opt for a Core i3-2120, a Core i5-2320, or a Core i7-2600 (without the denomación K). Available graphics processors are the Geforce GT 545 Geforce GTX or 555. You can receive a maximum of up to 8 GB of DDR3 RAM and has a healthy repertoire of ports, among which are USB 2.0 (6), USB 3.0 (2), HDMI and optical audio outputs. The Alienware X51 is available with a one terabyte hard drive (I imagine that the user can install larger units on their own, even externally), Wireless-N card, and either a conventional DVD recorder, or a unit "combo" with Blu-ray.

From 543 euros
The price in the United States of Alienware X51 starts at $ 699 (543 €), amounting to $ 1,149 (893 €) at the highest setting. The amount may seem a bit high, especially if we consider that the user must also take over the mouse, keyboard, and of course the screen, but the assembled solutions are always attractive to a lot of users. On the other hand, I know that readers of NeoTeo have more sympathy for arming their own monsters that are smaller, and point to a format not bigger than a console would be a stunning project.

The 'strawberry tree': a public mobile charger solar powered

You're outside, away from home, desperate because the battery of your mobile phone is empty and you have several pending calls. The citizens of Belgrade and need not worry: you can load it for free on the street with a device that works with solar energy.

What mystery Belgrade street store? Host a 'Strawberry Tree' ( strawberry tree ), a brainchild of a group of young people who designed and built a public charger mobile phones, tablets, MP3 players, cameras and other portable devices powered by solar energy.

The invention was awarded last year in the competition in Brussels 'EU Sustainable Energy Europe' on the reduction of public consumption of energy, and has achieved a number of national awards.

"Our goal was to bring renewable energy to all people, closer to all, "said Milos Milisavljevic, the main inventor of the 'Strawberry Tree', an energetic and ambitious student of electrical engineering 22 years .

The operation of the system sounds simple. "The sun that reaches us is converted into solar panels into electricity, which passes through the 'strawberry tree' and enters the cell, "he explains.

"The energy that is generated during the day and not eaten, is stored in the storage battery so the system can work well at night , when it is cloudy , when it snows, "he says.

The sun that reaches us is converted into electrical energy solar panels, which passes through the 'strawberry tree' and enters the phone charger, inspired by the tree as an important ecological and a design of understated elegance, is the trunk of a metal, wooden benches that surround it, cables for different types of portable devices, and a metal roof on which they are placed solar panels. "The basic idea is derived for the tree, and hence its name. The tree uses sunlight to produce oxygen, and our tree used to generate the energy," he said.

The mobile phone was the key, because "everybody has," and only in Serbia, a country of some 7.5 million inhabitants, there are 10 million .

Consumption are small, but if you add the energy of moving 5,000 million, estimated in the world, is no longer enough, he says.

The Tree of strawberries' reaches a 80% energy efficiency , and ordinary chargers only 20%.

It also has an educational aspect because it brings users to the concept of sustainable energy and social one, because all three in the country have been installed in streets or places frequented its banks and people meet, chat and exchange views while waiting that the batteries charge.

In Serbia, the charger has been installed also in the northern city of Novi Sad, and Obrenovac, 35 kilometers east of Belgrade where the largest thermal power station in the Balkans.

"By 2012, we intend to export shippers , install at least one, modestly, for starters, out of our country, and we hope to become a reality, "said Milisavljevic.

The team of eight students of electrical, mechanical, architectural and colleagues say they want to make the world a better place by contributing what you can and ask everyone to give a small contribution because it "may come up with something great." "What matters is that people understand, because you think you alone can not do anything and therefore does not have enough motivation," he explains.

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