Monday, March 19, 2012

"Films set in position. Video games make you live"

Philip Tan (Singapore, 1976) is director of the gaming lab at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Your job is to explore the game from multiple viewpoints. On the one hand as a source of wealth to Asia, in fact, although formed in the U.S., the center is headed home. The other as a form of communication and narrative vehicle. "Video games are good for encouraging certain mental processes. They are a very powerful means of communication. " So the difference between active and passive consumption of media: "Films set in position. Video games make you live it, put your brain to work to understand complex systems and get into the role. "

The gamificación is a trend that promotes use of game mechanics for non-recreational to increasing the motivation, effort and concentration. It has become the latest craze to promote productivity in companies. This mechanism, incidentally, often not achieved in their own games. Yet Tan has put quite hopeful: "Humans have the ability to make the ordinary special."

An example of how the dynamics of the games can be applied is FourSquare , a service that blends social networking, mobile and location. "Nobody's mind until they started to medal, simple, simple, in recognition of special places to discover and recommend."

Faced with the threat of gamificar all, So is cautious: "I think it may promote some changes, but not very deep and prolonged. I think últil to reinforce previous ideas, but not to change behavior in profound ways. " He also sees some restrictions: "Football, for example, or tennis, or any game already in place, especially if we refer to the sport and have their own design aspects that are to be promoted."

After a moment of reflection is released to list titles that in his view have evolved in the industry. No appointment or Sonic or Mario, but Sim City, a simulator that combines urban planning with political skills. Portal, a mixture of puzzles and action, known for his wit. Dark Souls prefer the need to seek complicity with the character and learn to be patient. It is noteworthy that only highlights a logic-based securities 'oriental' games based on an experience rather than reaching a goal. They are more thoughtful, but less competitive.

The video game industry is at a crossroads. Electronic Arts, the strongest independent study, said in March that as more money enters mobile gaming consoles and tablets. "This is not what is better or worse, but to think what the public wants. I think the key is in the distribution. People do not want to go to a store to buy a disc or wait until you get home, but the download instantly. If you want to play just five minutes, do sets of 5 minutes, you have to fit your lifestyle, "says Tan In his opinion, Apple is not competition because" does not play, but has created a better system, as did with music. "

Nintendo's latest creation is a handheld, 3DS, which lets you view images in three dimensions without glasses. Despite the technological despligue believes that fails at something. "There's always going with me, just when I go to conventions. He thought with a social use that only occurs in very specific cases, until they reach a wider audience will not show all its splendor "he says. Maybe that's why, a few months of dating Nintendo cut the price by 40%. Despite this reduction, has not taken off.

Sony, the other Japanese giant highlights its nods to the user-generated content, "Do not stay in the passive, but leave an open door to creativity. Sony understands their machines almost like a computer. Microsoft leaves it as something reserved for experts. " In his view, this openness extends the life of games and creates community around them. "Here Little Big Planet is a masterpiece."

"Kinect will not kill the controls, but extending the options."

As has been seen since his first experience in an Atari 2600 to today have evolved controls. Would he die command with buttons? "I think not. Kinect not going to kill, but are extended options. In Rock Band for example do not learn to play guitar, but I think you're capable of it. To get into the role you need the piece of plastic that simulates what is the reference. "

In the past 30 years some companies have fallen by the wayside. The most famous case was that of SEGA. "The mistake was not open enough for developers. Last console, Dreamcast, was very special, but were unable to compete. "

After relating the benefits of video games as part of learning a question arises: How fit when cheating? "All we do is part of learning and well. Say that while you do not fool yourself and know that it does is good. I see only bad if used as a competitive advantage to play against someone but if you get stuck in one place how could you not find the solution if you spend 60 euros? "He concludes.


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