Friday, March 2, 2012

China tested a train capable of traveling at 500 kilometers per hour

The China Railway Construction CSR has just launched its first train test capable of reaching 500 kilometers per hour , the highest speed attained by these vehicles, as reported by Xinhua news agency. The new series of CRH (China Railway High Speed, for its acronym in English), is gray, has six cars and has a capacity of 22,800 kilowatts , compared to 9,600 kilowatts of current "CRH380 bullet train", which reaches over 300 kilometers per hours. The technical manager of the company, Sansan Ding says that this device is super-fast "was inspired by an ancient Chinese sword," and that the plastic body of the vehicle is reinforced with carbon fiber. For the Asian country, the expansion of this kind of transportation is of great importance in the economic, cultural and social development of different regions.


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