Friday, March 2, 2012

Nokia launches Lumia 610, the cheapest of its mobile ready with Windows

Nokia, the mobile giant that last fair bet that Windows 7 has introduced a new batch of phones with this operating system. The first major presentation of a manufacturer on Monday has been dominated by design and desire to open up to new audiences. Nokia has focused n avoiding technical experiences, processors and details of hardware .

Before an audience among expectant and delivered, Nokia has shown its new handsets. The Lumia 900, which is already in the United States and was presented at CES, coming to Europe with Skype preinstalled. Its price is 480 euros free. Lumia Model 610, somewhat below the current 710, focused on music, will cost 189 euros. It will be a mid-range phone but with a set price that similar end Android. The company has risen to its website a video where you can see the features of this new phone.

Stephen Elop, CEO of the company, has announced Asha models, intended for an audience with less purchasing power in emerging and developing a way to keep the places where most recognized brand. They also want to land in China, where they believe it may grow by 60%.

Nokia has closed the presentation with a new sounding past: Nokia 808 Pure View, a phone with Symbian, its previous operating system, and a sensor of 41 megapixels. Far superior not only competence, but also usual for the cameras. The doubts not only reside in the fluidity of the apparatus, the time between photos and the future of the platform, but also the need not to fill storage with few snapshots. It will cost 450 euros and the optics is the German Carl Zeiss is synonymous with quality.

All Nokia phones come in the second half of the year.


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