Friday, March 2, 2012

Nanotechnology to turn your mobile phone submersible

A Southern California company has created Liquipel , one of the most revolutionary inventions for smartphones . It is a chemical protector, manufactured using tiny nanoparticles , which isolates the circuits and other components of the mobile phones of any liquid that may fall on the apparatus. Thus, claim to have achieved one of the most common accidents with any gadget, get wet-no longer a concern for users. According to its creators, the terminal continues to operate normally when falling into a pool or a river . It is not a housing or a physical barrier, but a treatment that apply to your own only in the company headquarters Liquipel. The isolation of the phone has a cost ranging from 47 to 62 euros depending on the type of transport by which the device is sent to the offices and for it to be delivered back to the user. Devices from HTC, Motorola, Apple and Samsung are those who, for the moment, you may receive this treatment.


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