Friday, March 2, 2012

Virtual Reality through bionic contact lenses

Imagine being able to check email without a screen? This science fiction could become a reality, thanks to contact lenses bionic that will receive computerized information directly into the eyes. These modern contact lenses have been developed by researchers at the Universities of Washington and Aalto (Finland), and although still in prototype stage, have already been tested in rabbits without showing adverse effects.

The lenses, which have many applications in the development of devices for computers and virtual reality will also be very useful in the field of health. As he explained to SINC Praviz Baba, one of the researchers on the project, the device "could also have medical applications such as biosensors connection to provide information on levels of glucose and lactose."

For transmit images directly in the eye, the energy emitted by the source is contained in a circuit that transmits a transparent sapphire chip. So far, the lens contains only one pixel and the team also works to shorten the focal length so that the projections are not perceived by the eye is blurred. It also notes Praviz, "the next goal is the incorporation of a standard text in the contact lens."


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