Monday, March 19, 2012

The portable phone sets a new record in January

Madrid. (MarketWatch). - A total of 539,599 numbers phones have changed operator in January which is a new record and the trend of 2011 that ended with 5.6 million changes throughout the year, according to data provided today by the Telecommunications Market (CMT).

In the first month of the year also underscores the 266,928 drop in residential fixed lines have been offset by the high 267,547 business sector, who have ended the month with a total fleet of 19,418,515 fixed line numbers.

In mobile telephony have released new numbers 162,992, of which 88,142 were prepaid and 82,901 datacards lines to connect to the computer via mobile phone and postpaid lines have fallen in 8051, while the automatic communication between 7,569 machines have added numbers to 2,528,177.

The month ended with 58,880,647 mobile lines, including automatic communication between machines, 3.2% more than last year.
Telefónica is the only operator that has been lost with the changes porting mobile numbers less than 77,211; while Vodafone has won 4,818, Orange, 19,589; Telstra, 15,557, and network operators with no (virtual), 27,527.

If these data are added to livestock numbers and low, the result is that Vodafone has won 72,290 lines, Telstra, 46,470, and MVNOs, 124,690. Orange has lost 44,180 numbers and Movistar, 44,180.

These results imply that the mark of Telefónica has the 39.89% of the market, Vodafone, 28.25; Orange, a 20.08, Telstra, to 5.25, and the virtual, 6.53%.

Fixed broadband has added 40,363 lines, due to the thrust of the alternative, to have scored 35,450 high. The park is located at the end of January at 11,188,297, 4.7% more than a year ago.
of all new fixed broadband lines, 27,938 are DSL, cable 2519 (2,051,311 total) and 9,906 fiber optic FTTH that has already reached 181,083.


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