Monday, March 19, 2012

Retrotecnología: the triumph of modern appliances looking 'vintage'

No, not all electronics brands struggle to launch the thinnest TV screen, or the more sophisticated stereo. For more people, it is delightful daze a little smart phone ( smartphone ), by installing a music player that takes us back to days of analog music: as sung by Radio Futura (thirty years), the future is already here, but may be more helpful if you dress up in old .

IPhone or cassette?

Apple's phone, for many, synonymous with modernity, also has a retro face. For example through a rubber boot. We are seeing more cases, in addition to protect the unit, to mimic old cassette tape , the kind that were invented in 1963 and put music our youth, our shelves filled embarullaron student and the glove compartment of our first car. This is a simple costume: for just over 10 euros , the modern mobile becomes, seen from behind, on one of those legendary TDK, Maxell and BASF.

To complement this, nothing better to install a retro software. One application, called That's my jam , makes the display of the mobile or iPhone in an old cassette player . How? The control keys mimic old buttons, and see how a virtual tape moves before our eyes. Another fun application is Calcopac , you enter on our phone one of those old calculators , Casio style, someone who always gave First Communion.

Enough? For many, no. Because the phone is used mainly for talking. And that is iDial and a retro handset universal: the first is an app that allows us to dial numbers in the old way, by moving your finger to dial with melancholy, and the second one we have seen Lenny Kravitz and more and more people down the street: the famous earpiece becomes a full color handset, such as holding the girl in the picture.

In the fifty

Fascinated by series like Mad Men, many have fallen rendered the so-called vintage chic , which calls for decorating the houses in the style of the fifties . To achieve this, lamps, sofas or chairs are not enough: perhaps the final touch comes through a television classic look or a retro stereo misleading.

If you want the first, visit the website of Predicta ( ) will keep the mouth open. The brand uses modern technology and compatible with any current peripheral, but advocates a futuristic aesthetic ... half a century ago.

As for the sound to the big brands to look askance designs for decades. Sony, for example, has in its catalog several new models (take a look at the SRF-18 and XDR-S16DBP ) with more than casual resemblance to the radio when we were kids. It is not the only one: the Teac SL-D900 seems from another era, but includes a CD player and USB input, and pages of gifts on the Internet as offer dozens of vintage stereo

Images of the past

We still have the picture: teaching chambers filled with buttons, menus and options is no longer cool . A few years ago, seduced complexity: now takes the simple, basic and sturdy.

The cameras also have the appearance of old models good example are some new camera models, as presented throughout the years by reference marks. Fuji has in its catalog number. The X-Pro 1 offers all the advantages of current technology, but its appearance is that of the cameras with which our fathers immortalized our vacation . In two other cameras of the same brand, the FinePix X100 and its little brother the X10 , supports a long history of trade, Olympus has just demonstrated the OM-D MS-5 and many dream of getting the beautiful Leica X1 .

Do you remember Polaroid ? Yes, the very famous brand of instant cameras is still fighting to survive more than the available 300 . See if is cool, that is responsible for its aesthetics, nothing more and nothing less than Lady Gaga .


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