Monday, March 19, 2012

The new iPad sweeps before going to market

Apple expects to sell one million units tomorrow, launching the new tablet in ten countries. In Spain not arrive until Friday March 23 | The sale of 'tablets' grew 254% in 2011 and increase by 54% in 2012, according to research firm IDG

Los Angeles (USA), March 14 (EFE). - The third generation of the popular Apple tablet, the iPhone will arrive Friday at the shops Mañan a dozen countries amid unprecedented demand, according to California-based advanced , which could eventually sell over a million units of the device on the day of its release.

Apple confirmed this week that it had exhausted its inventory intended for sale in advance through their website . Is predicted to be repeated the usual queues at the gates of the company stores, which begin shipping new iPhone in the U.S. in the early birds beginning at 8 am.

The tablet will release on Friday in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland and United Kingdom, while customers in countries like Spain or Mexico will have to wait until March 23 to acquire the new tablet: "The consumer response to the new iPhone is unprecedented," said a spokesman for Apple. An analyst at Piper Jaffray & Co. estimates that Apple will sell over 1 million of its new tablets on the same day 16.

Should this forecast, Apple would beat a new record of business. In 2010, the company took a month to exceed one million units sold, a time that was reduced to just one weekend in 2011 after the release of iPad 2. Just as with the iPhone, the iPhone has become a commercial phenomenon and the interest of users is multiplying with every new version.

The tablet will be released in the same price range as did their predecessors: $ 499 in its cheapest version and 829 the most expensive. The new iPhone features a faster processor, a screen with high resolution, improved their cameras to photograph and video recording and compatibility with the 4G mobile Internet network.

The sale of 'tablets' grew 254% in 2011 and increase by 54% in 2012

Worldwide sales of tablets increased 254.12% in 2011, to 68.7 million units sold. The estimate is that 54% increase in 2012, to 106.1 million units sold, according to tech consultancy IDC .

After finding the strength of this market in the fourth quarter, and the strong demand expected for 2012, IDG has increased its previous sales estimates for this year by 21% to. The previous forecasts were at the 87.7 million units. In the fourth quarter, sales of 'tablets' amounted to 28.2 million units sold worldwide, representing a growth of 56.1%.

IDC has stated that despite the "impressive" debut of Amazon, which sold 4.7 million Fire Kindle , Apple continued to experience strong quarterly growth, with sales of 15.4 million units in the last quarter, compared with 11.1 million units the previous quarter, representing a market share of 54.7% worldwide.

In Europe, the fastest growing market where the iPhone is the Reido Kingdom (115% dentre February 2011 and January 2012), followed by France (95%), Italy (75%), Germany (50%) and Spain (37%), according to comScore .

For its part, Amazon stood at second with a market share of 16.8% followed by Samsung, with a share of 5.8% in the last quarter of 5.5% over the previous quarter.


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