Monday, March 19, 2012

Four students of robotics champions can not contest the world finals for 9,000 euros

The youths, Sant Pere de Torello, can not afford to go to the U.S. | Young people have spent seven months in the design of a magnifying glass water treatment.

Four boys from Sant Pere de Torello are a step of keeping honey on the lips. After passing the qualifying Catalan team Pamplona The Santperencs swept a couple of weekends, in the Spanish round of the First Lego League, a robotics world championship organized by the popular brand of toys. The adolescents gained from this Thus, establishing itself among a lot of schools and colleges dumps with their equipment, the right to travel to the U.S. within months and participate in the finals of this tournament aimed at promoting scientific talent among the young. The problem of kids in the Osona do not have enough money to cross the pond. So settle for participating in the European version of the competition in Germany, because it is cheaper. "I says Matthew Daniel, the leader of The Santperencs , the largest of the group, which already has sixteen years as I have learned from this whole experience is that the effort, good work, perseverance ... always worth it, just coming to fruition and results.

"The other members of the group, Marc Famada, Biel Jimenez and Thomasz Sydor, every twelve years, are also unable to be disappointed. "Surely in Germany we are also an incredible level and learn a lot, continues Daniel. addition, the United States and were last year, and it was great. There are NASA scouts looking for talent. And you can manage unmanned military robots. The truth is we did not expect to win again and win a second time and was a reward in itself, quite a recognition. " Yes, The Santperencs and the Americas did last year, and despite the intimidating and pompous that there was any, were tenth in the world. They became ambassadors of their small town. Heat after heat, were imposed on dozens of seasoned teams in the laboratories of their institutions, supported by their cloisters ...

Then the de Sant Pere with Lego bricks designed a mechanical arm that can operate remote warts, thanks to a webcam. The free time of the last seven months the kids were dedicated to the design of a magnifying glass water treatment , without more help than that of the sun's rays can boil water in less than an hour. The idea is to apply it in the third world. The competition theme this year is food hygiene. The Higher Technical School of Industrial Engineers of Barcelona d'have been invited to give a talk. defrayed Last year the trip dodging a breadbox and with the support of various public institutions in the area and with the help of the sponsors of the event. But as explained by Charles Matthew, the father of Daniel, a retired postman who manages to tutor the kids, "although sponsors are helping us a lot, much as in 2011, and again give two thousand euros, This year things are much worse.

"And although it is possible that a group of traders in the region will yield a computer to navigate back to the basket, and perhaps even a ham, it seems that the final collection covers only stay in Germany. "Between tickets, transportation and material-hotels calculate Carlos in a unit of the former municipal library, where the group has its own laboratory-the German option we would go for about 4,500 euros, and yes I think we can assume with the help of all families of the kids ... But is that the U.S. is double, and parents as we are very normal people, humbly. "


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