Friday, March 2, 2012

There comes a smart floor

Can you imagine a city where streets are digital ? With the Smart Way, more than 50,000 citizens and tourists who walk every day for the city center may receive information tourist and commercial area with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth : city maps, maps of public transport, access to entertainment or information about events and more. All these digital services come from a "virtual cloud" installed on the pavement.

The City of Madrid and ASEPI (Innovative Business Group Smart Pavement Spain) presented the first such installation in the Puerta del Sol consists of a natural stone pavement made ​​of calcium carbonate that integrates all the electronic equipment necessary for the digital services. It also incorporates a podotáctil routing adapted to the blind.

This initiative aims to make ASEPI Spanish cities in pioneering digital pavement and create a smart city model exportable to the rest of the world.


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