Friday, March 2, 2012

Arrival of the first magnetic soap

Scientists at the University of Bristol (United Kingdom) iron salts dissolved in a liquid to create a new soap that can be controlled by magnets . The discovery could be used to manufacture revolutionary products of household and industrial cleaning and to remove oil stains from the oceans and to treat contaminated water , among other applications. To obtain the magnetic soap, the researcher Julian Eastoe and colleagues dissolved iron in a soap rich liquid chlorine and bromine , similar to that used in products in mouthwash or fabric softeners. The traditional soap dissolves dirt, grease and other chemicals, but does not eliminate the environment. However, applying a magnetic field the magnetic soap, the debris that accumulates can be attracted and removed completely. Although Eastoe had tried to create soaps sensitive to light, temperature and pressure, this new method appears to be magnets more effective for controlled cleaning of any means or surface, by activating or deactivating the magnets.


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