Monday, March 19, 2012

The TV also want applications

Samsung has long been betting on the Internet connection in their high-end TVs. What we have called Smart TV, smart TV, begins to reach a larger part of the catalog. The Korean manufacturer has completely banished LCDs (liquid crystal). Henceforth all televisions will be light emitting diode (LED).

In 2012 begin to market devices with applications priced between the 300 and 3,000 euros for the more luxurious models. These are by far the most interesting, not only for image quality and dual-core processor, but above all, to include a front camera which serves both to use Skype to turn your TV into a giant mirror , to handle the device with voice and gestures.

The system, which is strongly reminiscent of the Xbox Kinect, works with 36 voice commands. To ensure compatibility have been used as a standard speech than 140 different Spanish regions. They do not provide data on the number of voices taken, but the company says it is configured for 20 languages.

The front camera is also used to follow exercise programs and fitness and to recognize the family member is before them and adapt content to your tastes, or in the case of minors, at their age.

The number of applications continues to grow: YouTube, or MyMadrid Antena 3 (the official Real Madrid) Yomvi to subscribers of Canal +, or MyTele (Telecinco). They can do with their key channel, and another through a normal TV through the decoder. For now, all applications are free.

One of the sensations that the consumer is more concerned about finding the right time to buy a unit. "Is it worth waiting for the next generation?" is the question most often do. To encourage the sale of more expensive models in the catalog, Samsung has included an expansion slot that allows you to upgrade the TV, either with more processing power or memory. The so-called Evolution Kit will be released in 2013, no specific price and without a more accurate description.

Samsung is not alone in the idea that television is the gateway to the Internet at home. Apart from being a claim for renewal of equipment, manufacturers see that they can make agreements with other technology sectors, as the software or hardware. Apple TV or Google TV can be converted, at the same time, partners and competitors.


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