Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Renfe trains will have Wi-Fi

Madrid (Portaltic / EP) .- The company Renfe has confirmed that its fleet of trains will have a wireless network in a totally free . It is a further improvement in the experimental stage trains whose application to "take time" because of the funding needed for more than 1,200 trains.

The main rail network of Spain wants to bring Internet access to passengers through wireless Wi-Fi , service in high demand by the users of long distance trains users as suburban .

In that sense, this upcoming release is in experimental phase, which is giving "positive results" in the coming months and will begin pilot tests with real travelers, in the words of Chief Technology and System Renfe, Lucas shoes Arija, collected the official blog of Renfe.

The fact incorporate technological form of a train connection to the Internet is not impossible, but if you should take into account "the coverage offered by communications operators in the area" that is being crossed by the train and the speed of conditioned train to avoid this provision, added the director.

On the other hand, aims Renfe already preinstalled wireless communications network in those trains that pass review. Furthermore, this type of service aims to offer other free utilities not only to connect to the Internet.

The provision of this service will be free, because if you pay for "is no longer Wifree" and the interest shown by travelers "down" more than 90 percent.

As for her free before the law, the director has stated that a legal framework that regulates the use of these services, and is specially supervised by the Telecommunications Market (CMT).


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