Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Google indexes all public comments Facebook

The user comments also serve to highlight in Google. The most popular Internet search engine in the world now indexed public comments users make Facebook pages and websites that include add-ons  (Firefox extensions) of the social network. This measure means that all users make comments on any public website would appear in Google search results as the British newspaper today says The Telegraph .

Previously, search engines could not read these comments because Facebook and other sites for discussion as Disqus or Intense Debate used a series of programs difficult to read these comments automatically. However, Google uses Web tools to search and index the content are able to read the comments that have been made ​​using Facebook Connect  , an application to connect to Facebook from other environments, and other equivalent services.

Some website owners have refused to use the add-on to collect feedback from its users, ensuring they do not help in the search rankings. But as Facebook has become a popular tool for interaction outside of, Google has been ignoring a growing part of the web.

This measure means that the links in the comments also reinforce the position of the websites, although it is likely that comments may not appear immediately in the top of search results. This measure will also allow comments and conversations that occur between users easier to find.


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