Sunday, November 27, 2011

Possibilities to work on Internet connection

Lose the connection to the Internet does not have to be a problem today. Several major companies that provide web services have features offline . These allow users to discontinue use of its main applications for the fact of being disconnected, and even access their recent documents without having a data channel that will communicate with the server.

Some services and web applications have versions that work just when the user is not connected , as summarized from Consumer .

Thanks to the update of HTML 5 , most of the services of Google (email, calendar and documents) have an alternative to work off .

For its part, Microsoft provides your office suite Office of Enterprise Solutions to work on documents in constant synchronization with centralized server and accessed from all sorts of devices, whether mobile, tablets, laptops or desktops. To do this, sell your server installation package to Cloud Essentials Pack , which handles the synchronization. Also Cloud Essentials Pack (within the Office environment 360, which includes Microsoft Office Live) allows working offline , save the document after the last communication with the server, so that to regain coverage in case of mobile phones or wifi making in the fixed network, there will be a new synchronization automatically. The user will not notice the difference in principle between being or not connected.

To manage the large number of articles and websites that we queued for reading, there are some services that allow you to save a cached version of the page, or just the text of it, to read it later without having to be connected to Internet. Services like Read Later , Instapaper or Readmeo are designed to allow users to keep copies of all items of interest for further reading, regardless of whether or not they are online.

In the same vein, the latest mobile operating system from Apple , IOS5 has a new feature called "reading list" in the Safari browser to read the articles later selected by the user. Yet, unfortunately, this reading can not be done in offline mode. What it incorporates IOS is a mail system that allows you to write a message when you are without coverage, but once this is sent to recover.


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