Sunday, November 27, 2011

The network that mocks the police threw the angry spray California

The network has memerizado the police sprayed pepper spray at a group of outraged Wall Street Occupy the group at the University of California last Friday, November 18. The video viralizar quickly and, as stated in the topic, the reactions were not long in coming.

This is Lieutenant John Pike , who now appears in some of the most famous paintings in art history and other popular culture icons are easily recognizable, an initiative undertaken by the Internet which aims failing the California police action . Thus, the challenged action of Lieutenant Pike can now be seen in  Le Dejeuner sur l'Herbe of Manet, the Guernica of Picasso or the La libert√© Guidant Le Peuple of Eugene Delacroix, among other places like the legendary album cover The Beatles,  Abbey Road .

The online edition of the Washington Post has responded to the news, which stresses its "creative". Netizens have also opened a tumblr where they are hanging the latest adaptations.


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