Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fujitsu launches first dual screen 2D and 3D

Fujitsu has launched the first dual screen 2D and 3D professional type, which has called 6FPR P23T-3D . The team, from 23 "to toggle high-performance applications in 2D and 3D with the touch of a button.

Graphic professionals with demanding needs, such as CAD / CAE simulation software and geo-satellite , from now on will have a very sophisticated screen with which to innovate. Also facilitate the promotion of new markets with growing 3D applications: architecture, consulting medical surveillance and point of sale.

The new screen offers bright colors without flicker or interference, by incorporating the latest technology in 3D Filmtype Retarder (FPR). A wide viewing angle makes it possible to enjoy 3D effects of this technology in depth, even in daylight environments.

The model is ergonomic thanks to its 4 in 1 function . And green. Energy consumption is reduced due to the LED backlight, automatic brightness sensor and ECO mode capabilities as a screen 0 Watt in standby mode.

Also stresses the inclusion of DICOM , which facilitates the use greyscale and shows a good compatibility with PCs and desktop and mobile workstation. If you want maximum performance, Fujitsu recommends use in conjunction with workstations that have compatible graphics card technology "quad-buffering", as the line Celsius. At the end of the month, you can buy this new model.


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