Monday, November 21, 2011

Microsoft is preparing a system for companies to control their employees

Microsoft has applied for U.S. patent for a system that controls the behavior of employees on their computers, phone calls and gestural behavior. For this, it uses sensor technology popular Kinect. In the event that a worker has a behavior outside the rules, alert human resources department.

In 1984 , the popular anti-utopia imagined by George Orwell, Big Brother, is charged with watching for the Party to all citizens through a telescreen. It was a device input and output collected information, in addition to functioning as a TV. In this way, was able to act if someone pulled the feet of clay.

It seems that this idea will be brought to the office with Kinect technology and Microsoft's patent-pending. "The behaviors of the organization can be monitored, analyzed and influenced by a multimodal communication system ", as shown in the patent application filed in the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, patent and trademark office of the United States.

Therefore, in adopting this technology, the behavior could be controlled to the millimeter and provide information on individual behavior and organizational level, in order to more effectively influence the behavior within the office.

Some of the information provided through this new system would be the time spent on email, surfing the Internet or word processors. Analysis of these data is quite understandable within a company. However, other behavior that reflects the system could be excessive, as the conversations that take place within the office , gestures, and the use of clothing for a business meeting.

Microsoft claims that the patent system, which uses Kinect technology is all positive. Thus, the Redmond giant says that employees can trust him more in themselves, be more happy and stay in line with what the human resources department considered good practice. What is certain is that the system proposed by Microsoft would facilitate the work for the human resources department at the time of the performance evaluation of employees in a "simpler and faster."

Meanwhile, workers would receive an email with the results in order to have room for improvement and show their aspirations, if they have any. Thus, one could present a different attitude in the weeks prior to the assessment and not correspond with the usual behavior that keeps in his office for example a video call at six in the morning.


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