Sunday, November 27, 2011

Electronic tablet cheapest in the world

The Indo-Canadian Suneet Singh Tuli is a sort of Indian version of Steve Jobs: his is the electronic tablet cheapest in the world, led by now-a-college students in India at a price of less $ 50.

Tuli chaired the British company Datawind , the winner of the tender opened by the Indian government to produce these tablets, with a product, Aakash Ubislate , leading to limit the concept of low cost. The Aakash (sky, in Sanskrit ), funded by the Indian administration, it still has speakers and for now only available to university, but Tuli their marketing plans in the country in December and claims and reserves 340 000 .

With a price of 2,276 rupees (43 dollars or 32 euros), which Tuli has in mind is a communication revolution in India: widespread Internet access among the hundreds of millions of people who joined the mobile phone but not can still buy a computer. And this man in his forties, mild-mannered, respectable height, Sikh turban and long beard and "Indian heart" no doubt recognize, "100%" interest in making the leap to the Hispanic world, while fiddle in his hand one of the tablets.


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