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Last updated: 2011, October 30

Tecnologia: October 2011

Tecnologia: Add salt and pepper to the meal with two batteries
Tecnologia: Slingshot to make funny pictures
Tecnologia: The first supermarket where you can buy virtually
Tecnologia: Nokia has Lumia 800, the first "real Windows Phone"
Tecnologia: U.S. asks China explanations by blocking sites from U.S. companies
Tecnologia: Apple vs Samsung: a war that lasts for months and appears to have no short term end
Tecnologia: Facebook: "In the future, all brands will be social"
Tecnologia: The space telescope "Hubble" discovered the fourth moon of Pluto
Tecnologia: Death of John McCarthy, considered the father of Artificial Intelligence
Tecnologia: Steve Jobs came to behave more miserable with their relatives, according to his biographer
Tecnologia: Successfully deployed the first two satellites of the Galileo navigation system
Tecnologia: Sony is the Sony-Ericsson all by 1,050 million
Tecnologia: Spanish consumers are the world's busiest social networking
Tecnologia: Scooter made from bamboo and electric motor
Tecnologia: Noah, shelter to survive a tsunami
Tecnologia: Brazil, Germany and the U.S., the ones who have asked Google to remove content
Tecnologia: Facebook chooses the cold northern Sweden
Tecnologia: The kitchen of the future will be like a laptop
Tecnologia: LEGO Digital Camera
Tecnologia: The case that turns the iPhone into a projector
Tecnologia: Ball with 36 cameras for 360 degree panoramic photos
Tecnologia: Macquariums, aquarium recycling a CRT screen iMac
Tecnologia: IPhone Speakers licensed Angry Birds
Tecnologia: Enter the world of a "hacker" ethic
Tecnologia: Google Maps API is no longer free
Tecnologia: The Samsung Nexus Galaxy
Tecnologia: Apple's flagship product in 2012 could be a TV
Tecnologia: The electric car fails in its attempt to popularize
Tecnologia: A robot man finally conquers the Rubik's Cube
Tecnologia: European experts are committed to train children about Internet use
Tecnologia: Queues until midnight for the launch in Spain of the iPhone 4S
Tecnologia: The new members will have iPad instead of laptop
Tecnologia: HP decides to maintain its personal computer division
Tecnologia: Mars formed more quickly than usual in nature planets
Tecnologia: Eris, the 'planet of discord' that demoted Pluto is smaller than thought
Tecnologia: Linkedin launches a service to 'hunt' talents but not looking for work
Tecnologia: Applications for tablet aimed at the smaller
Tecnologia: IOS beats Android application download
Tecnologia: Amazon's earnings fall 73% in third quarter
Tecnologia: Three years in prison for insulting Islam Egyptian Facebook
Tecnologia: An experiment shows how the quantum levitation
Tecnologia: Tools to reduce size and weight without resorting to Photoshop images
Tecnologia: Android phones offer applications similar to Siri, the iPhone voice assistant
Tecnologia: Microsoft is done with half of the patents of Android and Chrome
Tecnologia: Netflix prepares for landing in Europe next year
Tecnologia: Find dinosaur DNA is somewhat "unlikely", according to a paleontologist
Tecnologia: Google and Microsoft, among candidates to buy Yahoo
Tecnologia: Harvard graduate, magician and entrepreneur most promising technology in the world at 27
Tecnologia: Ford E-Bike, bike with Formula 1 technology
Tecnologia: 146,000 euros it costs to travel in space
Tecnologia: The biography of Steve Jobs arrives in Japan with 25,000 reserves
Tecnologia: How to find out how much Facebook knows about you
Tecnologia: The Congress will spend 600 million euros and 350 mobile Internet connections